Monday, August 17, 2015

Another Week Gone ...

Hi everyone!

Another week gone. This week we had some pretty good days and some not so good days ... 

All our appointments fell through so that was rough.

Today went well!  We had some good lessons with Gayle and James Fergason and then we had our basketball night with Gilbert! We played basketball with him and his friend Matt and then we sat down and taught a lesson. Right in the middle of the lesson, he pauses and looks at me dead in the eye and says, "Elder Hill..... I know you from somewhere. I knew you in Heaven before this life. I'm telling you man it's the truth, I even told Matt that I did."  He was dead serious so now I'm thinking that maybe he is right haha. Gilbert is the man, he is such a good person and so kind.

Wednesday, we did a lot of service for Bishop Mackay and also for Sister Kerezman. It's always good to do service for the people in our ward. We had dinner with the Stecklers! Sister Steckler is awesome and her husband is less active and he is super cool. At dinner was their granddaughter, Jennifer, and her best friend, Blair. They are in our ward and they both go to BYU. I told them I went to BYU-I and Blair said that she wanted to transfer there because Provo was too crazy. BYU-I IS BETTER PEOPLE!! Haha ... Just kidding, both are super awesome!!!

On Thursday we went with Brother Christiansen to get COSTCO HOT DOGS! He gets so excited about Costco hot dogs it's hilarious. He also loves to talk in Pig Latin so every person he sees at Costco he asks "how are you?" in Pig Latin and then turns to us and chuckles haha. We then had a lesson with our new investigator Jonas! He and his sister are both in college and they live at their mom's place. They are all so friendly and they are really interested in the church. We then had a couple other lessons.

Friday we had a lesson with Carissa and it went super well and she wants to set a date for baptism as a goal. She really wants to be baptized and it is so cool to see her progression and excitement.

Saturday we went to Gilbert's store and he introduced to all the customers that were in there it was so awesome. Gilbert is such a good missionary! He introduces us to everyone and says, "I want you to meet my brothers!!" We actually met some people that are kinda of interested so that was cool. We had dinner with the Mosely family and they have these two little kids that are two-and-three-years-old and they are so funny (the pic below is the two-year-old, Archer, playing with my shoe at church).

Sunday was good. Gilbert came to church!! He said he liked it and that it was enjoyable. Before church, we met with this couple that we ran into while tracting and they are so friendly and so interested and open about religion and they want us to come back and to teach them more. They are super solid! We had good lessons later that evening with different members and another investigator.

Funny story of the week
When we were at Gilbert's store on Saturday, he introduced us to this elderly couple and he is pretty good friends with them. They were getting ready to check out and Gilbert turns to us and says watch this. He went over to the checkout counter and rings the lady up and the total is $62. He says, "okay how much should I charge you for all this?" (He usually gives really good deals to his friends) She said that it was up to him. He said, "how about $40 dollars?"  She was hesitating and looking very unsure, but decided she wanted it to be lower so she says, "how about $20!?" And he says "$20!?.. Okay, how about we make it $20 AND you have to come to church with me tomorrow!"   He then turned to us with the biggest smile and winked at us and was just shaking his head yes hahaha and we just started laughing. She replied, "how about $25 and no church!" And he just said fine.  Gilbert is the man!

Tyler's Highlights this Week (no tidbits)!

*  I was able to be a part of three blessings this week and I gave two of them! Always a cool experience to be able to give a blessing.


* My bike pedal broke on Sunday ... classic bike problems.

* This week a random lady gave us $20 and then random lady at Costco gave us another $15. We always try to say no thank you but they don't take it back. There are some very loving and generous people out there and it's so great to see people like that!


Elder Hill

 Tyler and Bro. Christiansen (Costco hot dog/Pig Latin friend) at church!!

Tyler and his companion with Pres. & Sis. Ballard (Oregon Portland Mission President)

Tyler with Pres. & Sis. Ballard

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