Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Poop Scoopers & Rescue Missions

Hi everyone!

Monday we had a lesson with the Johnson's, and it went really well! We taught them the first discussion and they said they believed everything we taught them. We invited them to be baptized and Connie, the mom, said she wanted to. Jerry and Jeremy said they wanted to go to church and check it out first before they jump into baptism. 

Tuesday we did some service for an older couple in the Ward; the couple that owns like 12 dogs. They needed help cleaning up their backyard and also asked us to clean up their dog poop. So that was enjoyable. Then we played Pinochle and had a couple lessons later with ward members. 

Wednesday we went with Bill on a rescue mission to downtown Portland to save the Johnson's car that was still broken down over there. We pushed the car out of a parking garage down a block and onto a car dolly. The Johnson's were so grateful and appreciative that we all went to help them out, it was awesome. 

Thursday we had Zone Conference all day. Our Zone and two other Zones met at the Stake Center and President Ballard and the Zone Leaders gave us counsel and training. President said that last month was the most baptisms in one month the Oregon Portland Mission has seen in 17 years! After Conference we had a lesson with a lady named Becky Joe. She was more curious than interested and she said she believes in "energy". We were born from an energy source, we live on earth, and then we return to that same energy source. We told her about the Plan of Salvation and how we have a Heavenly Father who has given us a plan to be happy. She thought it was interesting, but said she is happy with her beliefs. It was an interesting conversation. 

Friday there was a Worldwide Missionary Broadcast that our Zone watched at the Stake Center. It was really good. We had FHE with two youth in the Ward who brought their friends. It was hard at first to get them all focused throughout lesson, but then we showed them the video, "Because of Him" and everyone was silent during and after the video. The Spirit was really strong! 

Sunday, Connie and Jerry came to church!! And they loved it! It was their first time coming and they said it was so comfortable and peaceful, unlike any other church they have ever been to. They asked us to come over on Tuesday to give them the next lesson! They said they want to start coming every week!! 

Have a great week!

Elder Hill

Pictures of the inside of Tyler's apartment!

View outside Tyler's front door!

Elder Prestgard at the front door of their apartment!

Tyler's Hints & Highlights this Week!

*The sun was out all day on Friday and it was warm. Best. Day. Ever. 

*Found the "Lone Elder Store" out in the middle of nowhere. How ironic. 

 *"Faith is a principle of action and power. Faith in Christ is a principle of action. Faith in the Atonement is a principle of power." 

*The work is picking up slowly, but surely!

Monday, January 18, 2016

Blessings, Snow Days & Pinochle Brawls

Hi everyone!

Monday we went up to Mt. Hood with Bill, he's a member who is coming back to church and getting ready to go through the temple. He loves missionaries and so he took us and another companionship up to the mountain to go sledding and see Timberline Lodge. It was so sweet, there was like three feet of snow! 

Wednesday I went on an exchange with one of the Zone Leaders, Elder Shaw, and it was awesome. He's from Mesa, AZ! I went to their area which covers the other half of Canby. We did some tracting and then we had a lesson with Fabian, an investigator. He and his brother used to be in a gang and his brother was killed, but now Fabian has a wife and a family and is planning on getting baptized in February. Pretty cool!!

Thursday we had a few lessons and we went on splits in the evening. I went with Cody who is a senior in high school. It was his first time going out with a missionary and we went and had a lesson with a less active guy. We had a really good lesson on the Book of Mormon and when it was over we got in the car and Cody goes, "that was so freaking cool!" Haha he will be a good missionary.

Friday we did service for most of the day. We went to the Canby adult center and we helped prepare lunch for all the elderly people and then we served it and helped them clean up. It was fun! We had a couple lessons later and one was with a less-active lady named Stephanie. She has been struggling with church and paying her tithing recently so we had a lesson about those things and I told her an experience I had about tithing. The next day we get a call from her and she goes, "Elder Hill! I want you to know something, your story gave me the strength to go pay my tithing in full! Last night I finally paid a full tithe. So thank you so much!!"... So awesome when you get calls like that!

Saturday morning our whole Zone and another Zone (so like 40 missionaries) did service cleaning up a park, It was fun seeing all the other missionaries. After that, we tracted for like three straight hours and we got nothin! That is the worst..... but after that we received a call from our investigator family, the Johnsons. They asked us to come over because they had been going through some really hard things and they felt like they should call us. So we go over there and we find out that Connie, the mom, found out a couple days ago that she has cancer in her lymph nodes (lymphoma) and on the way home from her doctor's appointment their car broke down in Portland. They had been trying to find someone to help them tow the car back down to Canby because they couldn't afford to pay someone to tow it or fix it. They had tried everything and Connie was overwhelmed and broke down. We had talked to them about priesthood blessings before and she asked, "could you guys give me one of those blessings that you do?" We said of course. So Elder Prestgard anointed and I gave the blessing. The Spirit was really strong and Connie and Jerry (the dad) were very emotional through the whole thing. At the end of the blessing, Connie was crying and through her tears says, "that was the most incredible feeling I have ever experienced before in my life. I have never felt like this before. It feels like something was literally lifted off of me." We told her that everything would workout. It's pretty awesome when you can be an instrument in the Lord's hands like that! It was a really cool experience!

Thanks for all the support! I really appreciate it!

Elder Hill

Tyler's highlights this week!

*During Pinochle this week, two old ladies started yelling at each other and getting into it because they thought the other one was cheating haha. It was pretty funny, Elder Prestgard and I were trying not to laugh.

*A lady in the Ward asked us to be in the choir so now we are in the choir I guess haha. Should be interesting!

Monday, January 11, 2016

Country Life & Care Centers

Hi everyone!

Monday for p-day our whole Zone went to the Stake Center and played 
basketball and volleyball so that was fun. Some of the Sisters are 
pretty good! In the evening, we had dinner with the Bishop and they 
live in the woods in the middle of nowhere. It took us like thirty 
minutes to get there ... country life! 

Tuesday we went and did our weekly service at the adult center playing 
Pinochle. Those old folks get competitive hahaha. We had FHE with the 
Knowlden Family and we had a lesson on the Book of Mormon and then played Apples 
to Apples. 

Wednesday we had a lesson with a less-active named Stephanie who is a 
dog breeder. She owns like 12 dogs and they run all around her yard 
and house. We also had interviews with the Mission President. We talked 
about our area and the things we are doing and he said we are doing 
everything right we just have to keep sowing and eventually we will 
harvest in the Lord's time. Wednesday night we had a lesson with our 
investigator, Shelly Rump. She has been meeting with missionaries for 
years.  Her husband is a member and she said she wants a sign she 
should get baptized. We had a good lesson and we are meeting with her 
again next week. 

Thursday we met with Margo and Bruce who are both less-actives living 
in a care center. Bruce is like 85 and he loves telling stories haha. 
We went tracting all day and everyone in this town has either talked 
to missionaries or is not interested at all. But something cool 
happened ... during personal study, I was reading about how God will place 
people in your path and we are put in certain places for a reason. So 
we went to go see a former investigator and they weren't home and I 
told Elder Prestgard about what I studied and that there was someone 
around here for us to find so that's why we are here. We went a couple 
houses down and knocked on a door and we talked to a guy named Mark 
and we got a return appointment! And then we saw a girl walking on the 
street by the house and we started talking to her and she was actually 
a member. She said she hadn't been visited by anyone in a long time 
and we got her number. So that was a pretty cool experience. We had a 
couple of lessons with less-active members in the evening. 

Friday we went down to Mollala and I had to do four baptismal 
interviews. Since there was a family getting baptized the next day, we 
had to get them all done in time and it took about 2.5 hours to get 
through all of them. It was long morning, but they all went great. And 
they were baptized the next day! 

Saturday was just full of meetings. We had a Stake meeting, District 
meeting, then went to that family's baptism. And then Sunday was 
church meetings and tracting. 
Have a great week!

Elder Hill

Tyler's Highlights this week!
*Our Mission had 35 baptisms in the month of December which is the 
most in a month for our mission in seven years. 
*We had 28 baptisms in November and 35 in December and President said 
if we keep this up we will be the top baptizing mission in the 
northwest next month. Great things are happening!!!

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

The Canby Ward!!!

Hi everyone! 

So here's a little bit of information about my new area:

The Canby 2nd Ward is huge. They have 250 active members, 80 primary kids, 20ish young men and 20ish young women. It's crazy!! Compared to the 60 active members, 7 primary kids, and 5 youth total that was in Moreland. The town of Canby is pretty small. We cover the south half of the town and then all of the country for like 8 miles south of it. Canby 1st Ward covers the north. It's definitely a culture shock being out here. We will go visit people and drive like 20 minutes. But having a car is pretty sweet. The work in the area has been a little slow and there was only one baptism in the Ward the past calendar year. The members are awesome though, and very nice. 

Cows ...

Out in the country ...

Mt. Hood in the background ...

And, my new companion:

Elder Prestgard! He is awesome. We came out at the same time, but he was in a different district in the MTC. He is 18 and from Orem, Utah. He loves sports and likes to play basketball. He is a little shy and nervous, but is one of the nicest people I know! He has been in this area for three months. We get along well! This week we spent a lot of time going around and trying to get me acquainted with different members and other people that we are teaching. The people here are awesome. When it snowed Sunday, the Stake President called the Bishops and said that church was cancelled. But it was already 9am (which is when church starts) so we only had sacrament meeting. However, we had two investigators come to church. We were the only area in the entire mission that had investigators at church... because we are the only area that actually had church haha. And I did get up and bear my testimony! 

Highlights from the week

*New Year's Eve! We went over to the Reeds, from the Canby 1st Ward and played games with their family and all the other missionaries.

With the Sister missionaries at the Reed's house on New Year's Eve ...

Check out the "photo-bombers" in the window :)

*New Year's Day was my 6 month mark! I'm already 1/4 done which is nuts. Elder Prestgard and I burned ties in our backyard. (You burn a tie when you're 1/4 done, a white shirt 1/2, a pair of slacks 3/4, and a suit 4/4 at the end of each quarter of your mission)

*It SNOWED Sunday morning!! They say it usually doesn't snow, but it snowed quite a bit in the morning and they grounded all the cars in the mission. They cancelled church everywhere in our mission because of it haha.


*For service we go to a care center and we play Pinochle with some people. That game is so hard, but they are teaching me and it's pretty fun. 

*People here are so nice when we go tracting. Unlike Moreland, they don't slam the door and yell at you. It's weird.

My New Address: 

240 SE 3rd Ave. 
Canby, Oregon  97013

Happy New Year!! Go check out the Mormon message, "Look Not Behind Thee" it's pretty cool! Great opportunity for us to set goals and make plans to better ourselves for this coming year.

Have a great week!!!
Elder Hill