Monday, January 11, 2016

Country Life & Care Centers

Hi everyone!

Monday for p-day our whole Zone went to the Stake Center and played 
basketball and volleyball so that was fun. Some of the Sisters are 
pretty good! In the evening, we had dinner with the Bishop and they 
live in the woods in the middle of nowhere. It took us like thirty 
minutes to get there ... country life! 

Tuesday we went and did our weekly service at the adult center playing 
Pinochle. Those old folks get competitive hahaha. We had FHE with the 
Knowlden Family and we had a lesson on the Book of Mormon and then played Apples 
to Apples. 

Wednesday we had a lesson with a less-active named Stephanie who is a 
dog breeder. She owns like 12 dogs and they run all around her yard 
and house. We also had interviews with the Mission President. We talked 
about our area and the things we are doing and he said we are doing 
everything right we just have to keep sowing and eventually we will 
harvest in the Lord's time. Wednesday night we had a lesson with our 
investigator, Shelly Rump. She has been meeting with missionaries for 
years.  Her husband is a member and she said she wants a sign she 
should get baptized. We had a good lesson and we are meeting with her 
again next week. 

Thursday we met with Margo and Bruce who are both less-actives living 
in a care center. Bruce is like 85 and he loves telling stories haha. 
We went tracting all day and everyone in this town has either talked 
to missionaries or is not interested at all. But something cool 
happened ... during personal study, I was reading about how God will place 
people in your path and we are put in certain places for a reason. So 
we went to go see a former investigator and they weren't home and I 
told Elder Prestgard about what I studied and that there was someone 
around here for us to find so that's why we are here. We went a couple 
houses down and knocked on a door and we talked to a guy named Mark 
and we got a return appointment! And then we saw a girl walking on the 
street by the house and we started talking to her and she was actually 
a member. She said she hadn't been visited by anyone in a long time 
and we got her number. So that was a pretty cool experience. We had a 
couple of lessons with less-active members in the evening. 

Friday we went down to Mollala and I had to do four baptismal 
interviews. Since there was a family getting baptized the next day, we 
had to get them all done in time and it took about 2.5 hours to get 
through all of them. It was long morning, but they all went great. And 
they were baptized the next day! 

Saturday was just full of meetings. We had a Stake meeting, District 
meeting, then went to that family's baptism. And then Sunday was 
church meetings and tracting. 
Have a great week!

Elder Hill

Tyler's Highlights this week!
*Our Mission had 35 baptisms in the month of December which is the 
most in a month for our mission in seven years. 
*We had 28 baptisms in November and 35 in December and President said 
if we keep this up we will be the top baptizing mission in the 
northwest next month. Great things are happening!!!

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