Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Poop Scoopers & Rescue Missions

Hi everyone!

Monday we had a lesson with the Johnson's, and it went really well! We taught them the first discussion and they said they believed everything we taught them. We invited them to be baptized and Connie, the mom, said she wanted to. Jerry and Jeremy said they wanted to go to church and check it out first before they jump into baptism. 

Tuesday we did some service for an older couple in the Ward; the couple that owns like 12 dogs. They needed help cleaning up their backyard and also asked us to clean up their dog poop. So that was enjoyable. Then we played Pinochle and had a couple lessons later with ward members. 

Wednesday we went with Bill on a rescue mission to downtown Portland to save the Johnson's car that was still broken down over there. We pushed the car out of a parking garage down a block and onto a car dolly. The Johnson's were so grateful and appreciative that we all went to help them out, it was awesome. 

Thursday we had Zone Conference all day. Our Zone and two other Zones met at the Stake Center and President Ballard and the Zone Leaders gave us counsel and training. President said that last month was the most baptisms in one month the Oregon Portland Mission has seen in 17 years! After Conference we had a lesson with a lady named Becky Joe. She was more curious than interested and she said she believes in "energy". We were born from an energy source, we live on earth, and then we return to that same energy source. We told her about the Plan of Salvation and how we have a Heavenly Father who has given us a plan to be happy. She thought it was interesting, but said she is happy with her beliefs. It was an interesting conversation. 

Friday there was a Worldwide Missionary Broadcast that our Zone watched at the Stake Center. It was really good. We had FHE with two youth in the Ward who brought their friends. It was hard at first to get them all focused throughout lesson, but then we showed them the video, "Because of Him" and everyone was silent during and after the video. The Spirit was really strong! 

Sunday, Connie and Jerry came to church!! And they loved it! It was their first time coming and they said it was so comfortable and peaceful, unlike any other church they have ever been to. They asked us to come over on Tuesday to give them the next lesson! They said they want to start coming every week!! 

Have a great week!

Elder Hill

Pictures of the inside of Tyler's apartment!

View outside Tyler's front door!

Elder Prestgard at the front door of their apartment!

Tyler's Hints & Highlights this Week!

*The sun was out all day on Friday and it was warm. Best. Day. Ever. 

*Found the "Lone Elder Store" out in the middle of nowhere. How ironic. 

 *"Faith is a principle of action and power. Faith in Christ is a principle of action. Faith in the Atonement is a principle of power." 

*The work is picking up slowly, but surely!

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