Monday, February 1, 2016

It's All True People!!!

Hello everyone!

Nothing super exciting happened this week ...

We had some lessons throughout the week, but nothing that really stood out.  We had plans and other things fall through. We did some service serving food one evening and there was one night when we were planning with our Ward Mission Leader.  He was talking about how we have to have the faith to call down miracles from heaven because as missionaries we are entitled to that. So Elder Prestgard and I thought about it and the next day we got in the car, and we prayed to have a miracle that we would be led to someone's house that is prepared. So we went and drove to one of the potential investigators we had and they weren't home so we started driving to a street to go tracting and as we were driving I had the impression to take a left down this dirt road. So I did!  It led to an old house just by itself in the middle of nowhere so we go and knock on it and a lady answers. She said that she is Christian and she loves Jesus Christ and that she wants us to share our message with her whole family. So we are going back to her house on Tuesday to teach them! 

On Thursday night, we were driving home at 9:15pm and we get a call from the Sisters. We answer the phone and they just start yelling and screaming and freaking out. They had gotten home and went to unlock their apartment and it was already opened and all the lights were on. They look inside and there was just a single bucket sitting in the middle of the floor so they ran to their car, locked the doors and called us. We called the Zone Leaders and went over there and no one was in the apartment. It was apparently just the Office Elders dropping off cleaning supplies earlier in the day hahaha. Poor sisters were scared to death haha. 

We had Stake Conference this weekend and Elder Hansen from the Seventy came and spoke. It was really good. He got up and said, "I was going to share some things with you today, but since the meeting started the Spirit has led me in a totally different direction." He didn't look down once at any notes or anything. He went on to give a really good talk on repentance for 45 min. I wish I could do that. It was so cool. 

Last p-day we went and played disc golf with a member and now we are going to play real golf today so I don't have a lot of time. That's why this is so short, sorry! 

Have a great week!

Elder Hill

Tyler's Hints and Highlights this Week!

*It was Elder Prestgard's birthday on Saturday! A member made him a cake and I may or may not have shoved his face in it! Haha

*Jesus Christ is either the Son of God or He is not. Joseph Smith either saw Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ or he did not. The Book of Mormon is true or it is not and if it is not, then the Church and everything else goes with it. It is all black and white. We have to find out for ourselves." It's all true people!! 

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