Monday, February 15, 2016

Duck + Rooster = Dooster!

Hi everyone!

New transfer! It was my first week with Elder Garfield and it was awesome. Elder Garfield is from Henderson, Nevada and he went to BYU-I for a year before his mission. He is hilarious, and we get along super well! This week was the best we have had in Canby! We taught 18 lessons and found four new investigators. 

Saying goodbye to Elder Prestgard!

Monday we had FHE with one of the families in our Ward and they invited an investigator and her family over.  It went well and they seemed to really like it. 

Tuesday we did service almost all day. We chopped some more wood, worked at the adult center, and helped a member cut their blackberry vines. Blackberry vines are the worst! They have huge thorns and we came out of their looking like a cat had clawed our arms to death haha. The member was an older guy and she really appreciated it! In the evening, we had a really good lesson with an investigator who has been taking the lessons for four years!  We are trying to figure out what to say or teach that will help her because she is ready to be baptized! She just has to take that next step. 

Wednesday we had some lessons with less-active members and they went really well! We are really trying to help get them to church. We also worked at the food bank again and that's always fun. We go there with the Zone Leaders and sort canned foods. 

Thursday, Gilbert came down to Canby to visit! He took us out to lunch, and the first thing he says is,"okay first things first, I'm working on the baptism little bro. I am getting there, it just takes time and God knows what's best." I'm glad he is still thinking about it at least! He says he wants to come down and continue taking lessons down here with me and Elder Garfield haha. We said he has missionaries up there to teach him, but he said he wants to take more lessons down here in Canby. So we will see haha. So good to see him!! We also had five lessons on Thursday! We met with an investigator, a recent convert, and then three less-active members. In one of the lessons, we talked a lot about prayer and we shared part of the Bible Dictionary definition and it was awesome.  The mom (Sister Lombard) said that the lesson really answered her prayers and helped her a lot. 
Lunch with Gilbert!

Friday we met with a former investigator named Kim.  We met her last week and she told us to come over. We walked in and she had a bunch of little snacks and drinks laid out along with her scriptures, it was awesome! We taught her the Restoration and it was solid. We taught simply and powerfully and the Spirit was strong! We are going back on Thursday to teach her again with a member. Later in the day, we helped a member saw some branches off their tree which was kinda fun. 

Saturday we did some more service for a less-active member, helping them clean up their barn. We tracted for a couple hours, and we got nothin. It was the worst. We only handed out one BoM and no one was interested at all!

Sunday our Ward had a regional conference broadcasted to our building and Elder Renlund spoke so that was pretty cool! We had a really good lesson with an investigator at a member's house about the BoM. She says it is just a matter of time until she is baptized. So many people are so close, they just need an extra little push!! So we had an hour of finding to do before dinner time and we drove out to the boonies to where dinner was and we decided we were going to tract the whole next street. Keep in mind, tracting has not been successful at all since I have been on my mission, so we were not expecting a lot. We took three BoM's and two pamphlets and set a goal to give them out before dinner. And it was crazy! The first two doors we knocked on we taught both of them a lesson about the BoM.  They took the Book of Mormon and a pamphlet, and said they would read it and that we could come back in a week after they had read some of it. TWO DOORS IN A ROW. We were walking off the porch and Elder Garfield was like, "what the heck is going on, this is insane." The funny thing is that we were going to skip both of those doors. One of them had a really long driveway that took forever to walk down, but we said let's just do it anyway, and then the other door was super, super sketchy. It was an old tiny little house that had a sign that said, "Insane Asylum".  We were debating whether to knock or not but we just went for it. We knocked on the door and we heard a like a weird laughing noise, and we thought we were going to be kidnapped... Saratov Approach all over again, but a lady opened the door and she was really interested. Never has that happened before with two doors in a row, but the Lord knows who is prepared. Then the next door after that took a BoM, but they weren't too interested. We ran out of supplies after our first three doors! It was incredible and such a blessing! 

Have a great week!

Elder Hill

Tyler's Highlights & Hints this Week!

-Happy Valentine's Day!! 

-When we were tracting there were some weird rooster-duck things on this ladies porch. They looked so weird so we took a pic by them! Haha 

Duck + Rooster = Dooster

-Thank you for all of the emails! I really appreciate them and they mean a lot and receiving letters is like Christmas so don't be afraid to send them:) My address is still the same!! You guys are the best!

-Scriptural thought:  Mormon 5:23 "Know ye not that ye are in the hands of God? Know ye not that he hath all power." Sometimes we tend to forget Who is guiding our lives. I really like this scripture because it is a good reminder that God is in charge and that He has a specific plan for each of us. He knows us perfectly and has power to bless us more than we can imagine. He can help us more than we could ever help ourselves. We just have to trust and believe.

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