Monday, February 8, 2016

Transfers & Divine Intervention

Hi everyone!

So P-Days have been super busy with sports and activities lately so I'm sorry if I haven't emailed you back, but I promise I will! I love getting emails no matter how long or short so keep sending them please! I really appreciate it:) 

Tuesday we went and chopped wood for an older non-member lady, and the craziest thing happened. We were using a log splitter and usually the logs split very easily, but the log this time had some knots in it so when the splitter went down it didn't split right away. It was going down on the log and causing a ton of tension and we were just thinking "uh oh". Elder Prestgard and I were both only a foot away from the splitter and finally the log split and one of the pieces went flying from under the machine and it went shooting right in between us!  It was literally the only place that the log could have gone without hitting us (and it was a pretty huge/dense piece of wood). It was a miracle that one of us didn't get drilled by the log, thank goodness for divine intervention!

Tuesday night we had a lesson with the Johnson's on the Plan of Salvation. We used some cutouts as visual aids to teach it, but I also wanted them to have a written out copy that they could keep. So I drew it out on a piece of paper beforehand and gave it to them at the end of the lesson. We went back over a few days later to see how they were doing and they had framed the drawing I gave them and hung it on the wall! It was awesome!! They said they felt like they should frame it.  We were so happy to see it hanging up! 

Wednesday we did some service at the food bank and in the evening we had a couple lessons with less-active members that were good. 

Thursday we had exchanges with the Canyon Creek Elders. Elder Miller came to Canby with me and my companion went with Elder Garver to Mollala. Elder Miller and I had some solid lessons during the day and since Elder Miller was going to be here with me and the Zone Leaders wanted to pull a little prank on him (the ZLs cover the other half of Canby so we see them all the time). So Elder Miller is a pretty confident guy and there is a member in the ZLs Ward that loves to mess with missionaries, his name is Carlos. He is Hispanic and you wouldn't think he is a member by the way he looks, but he is a solid member, and he has a brother-in-law that lives with them who also goes along with the pranks, he goes by Chunky. Anyways, so Carlos tells me to bring Elder Miller over at 7 (I have already met Carlos and Chunky a couple times) and he is going to pretend he is an investigator. So I make a story about how we tracted into Carlos and that he told us to come back tonight at 7. We go and knock on his door and Chunky answers and let's us in. We go in and we sit on the couch, and then we hear someone in the bathroom saying, "who was at the door babe!?" and Carlos comes out in just his boxers!  He is a big hairy dude, talking in a feminine voice and he says, "oh it's those cute church guys". He starts talking to us and he comes and sits down right next to Elder Miller and starts flirting with him and asking him questions. Keep in mind he is literally in just his boxers. I had to try so hard not to laugh, and every time I look at Chunky he just smiles at me and tries not to laugh. Elder Miller was getting so uncomfortable, his expressions were priceless. Eventually Carlos just starts busting up laughing and says, "I can't do this anymore!" The ZLs come out from the back room and are dying laughing. Elder Miller goes, "you're members aren't you!?" Hahaha it was so funny but terrible at the same time. Gotta love missionary pranks. 

Tyler, Elder Prestgard & Zone Leaders at BWW's 

Friday I had to go down and do a baptismal interview in Mollala for a 10-year-old girl who was getting baptized so that was cool.  She was very excited to be baptized. 

Saturday we went and cut blackberry vines for a member and those things are the worst! They cut you up so bad!! Saturday we also had our last District meeting and so we kinda all brought some goofy things to wear to take a picture with. 

Sunday was transfer calls!! So I will be staying in Canby as the District Leader, but Elder Prestgard is leaving:( and I am getting Elder Garfield! He has been out four months. I have been around him before, and he is pretty cool so I am excited. Now I have to take over the area and I feel like I still just got here and don't know the people very well, but it should fun. I have to say that I have really enjoyed being District Leader because of the opportunities that you get to help and serve others especially doing baptismal interviews. Being able to see the people and talk to them about their baptism is the best. Seeing their excitement for their baptism and how the Gospel has changed their lives is so awesome. 

It's starting to warm up here, thank goodness! 

Have a good week! 

Elder Hill

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