Monday, February 29, 2016

Tracting with Gill!

Hi everyone!

This week was good.. We had a lot of lessons, but we also did a lot of tracting. 

Monday night we had dinner and FHE with the Leders. They are a super fun family and we played spoons with them and people were screaming it was pretty intense. 

Tuesday we had a lesson with our new investigator Kim.  We were planning on reviewing the Restoration, but then she started talking about how her aunt just passed away so Elder Garfield and I felt like we needed to teach the Plan of Salvation. We did an impromptu lesson on the PoS and it was legit. Afterwards she said she really needed that and it was a great lesson! We then went and played Pinochle at the old folks center and I had triple aces around which is "unheard of in this town" so that was exciting. Later we did more service serving food at a Lutheran church. 

Wednesday we tracted forever and we met this one guy who said that he broke both of his legs, both his arms, and 17 ribs in a boating accident and when he was knocked out from surgery he had a vision of the Second Coming, and he said we are very close. But, then he started to talk negatively about the Book of Mormon and told us that serving a mission is a scam and what not.  So he wasn't very interested in learning more.

Friday we did a lot of tracting again.  We knocked on one door and they let us right in. We were freaking out because no one says come on in without talking to us for a little, but then we found out that they were members that hadn't been to church in a while haha.  It was still cool talking to them...

We had dinner at Sister Newell's house.  She has been less-active for a long time, and we have been working with her for the past couple weeks and she says that we have helped her so much, AND she was at church on Sunday! So that was pretty sweet.  First time in years.  She's awesome.

Saturday we were out tracting again it was not successful at all. We got yelled at a bunch and then dogs were chasing us. The only bright spot of tracting was when we taught the Restoration to two mini horses. Committed both of them to baptism..... 
Later in the day we had a member lesson with Brother Newgren.  He is an active member, but recently he was diagnosed with cancer. He has been doing chemo so he hasn't been able to do much. He is awesome though. He says that he is sorry he hasn't been giving us referrals because he has been sick. He is the best missionary out there! He said he gave out 1000 pass along cards last year. That's insane!! The guy is incredible.

Sunday was busy we had three lessons and they all went well. We have a few people that are close to baptism but just need a little push!! 

Things are good in Canby!  Have a great week!!!

Elder Hill

Tyler's Hints & Highlights this Week!

* Elder Garfield and I have created our own reality tv show called "Tracting With Gill" (Garfield+Hill=Gill). We use our iPads and record our tracting adventures, Usually when we are out in the boonies walking in between houses to help make tracting more fun.
Crocodile shoes ...

* Watch the video "Because of Him" on it is super good especially with Easter coming up!

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