Tuesday, January 5, 2016

The Canby Ward!!!

Hi everyone! 

So here's a little bit of information about my new area:

The Canby 2nd Ward is huge. They have 250 active members, 80 primary kids, 20ish young men and 20ish young women. It's crazy!! Compared to the 60 active members, 7 primary kids, and 5 youth total that was in Moreland. The town of Canby is pretty small. We cover the south half of the town and then all of the country for like 8 miles south of it. Canby 1st Ward covers the north. It's definitely a culture shock being out here. We will go visit people and drive like 20 minutes. But having a car is pretty sweet. The work in the area has been a little slow and there was only one baptism in the Ward the past calendar year. The members are awesome though, and very nice. 

Cows ...

Out in the country ...

Mt. Hood in the background ...

And, my new companion:

Elder Prestgard! He is awesome. We came out at the same time, but he was in a different district in the MTC. He is 18 and from Orem, Utah. He loves sports and likes to play basketball. He is a little shy and nervous, but is one of the nicest people I know! He has been in this area for three months. We get along well! This week we spent a lot of time going around and trying to get me acquainted with different members and other people that we are teaching. The people here are awesome. When it snowed Sunday, the Stake President called the Bishops and said that church was cancelled. But it was already 9am (which is when church starts) so we only had sacrament meeting. However, we had two investigators come to church. We were the only area in the entire mission that had investigators at church... because we are the only area that actually had church haha. And I did get up and bear my testimony! 

Highlights from the week

*New Year's Eve! We went over to the Reeds, from the Canby 1st Ward and played games with their family and all the other missionaries.

With the Sister missionaries at the Reed's house on New Year's Eve ...

Check out the "photo-bombers" in the window :)

*New Year's Day was my 6 month mark! I'm already 1/4 done which is nuts. Elder Prestgard and I burned ties in our backyard. (You burn a tie when you're 1/4 done, a white shirt 1/2, a pair of slacks 3/4, and a suit 4/4 at the end of each quarter of your mission)

*It SNOWED Sunday morning!! They say it usually doesn't snow, but it snowed quite a bit in the morning and they grounded all the cars in the mission. They cancelled church everywhere in our mission because of it haha.


*For service we go to a care center and we play Pinochle with some people. That game is so hard, but they are teaching me and it's pretty fun. 

*People here are so nice when we go tracting. Unlike Moreland, they don't slam the door and yell at you. It's weird.

My New Address: 

240 SE 3rd Ave. 
Canby, Oregon  97013

Happy New Year!! Go check out the Mormon message, "Look Not Behind Thee" it's pretty cool! Great opportunity for us to set goals and make plans to better ourselves for this coming year.

Have a great week!!!
Elder Hill 

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