Monday, November 9, 2015

Bikes Are From the Devil

Hi everyone!

How has it already been a week!? 

So Monday night we were biking to FHE and Elder Giles bike broke again 
so we had to walk all the way back home.... Again. Bikes are from the 

Tuesday we spent all day with Gilbert helping an older lady move her 
stuff from her property to a storage unit. A couple years ago her 
house burned down and so she had been living in a trailer and now she 
is moving somewhere else. She had so much stuff and it took us about six 
hours and we didn't even finish she had so much stuff! But she was 
really grateful and she gave us all really big hugs and was really 
appreciative so it was good to help her out. Tuesday night we 
played basketball at the church and there were some non-members there 
that I think could have played for the Trail Blazers. It was crazy how 
good they were. 

Wednesday we had a couple of good lessons and we had dinner and a 
lesson with Carissa at the Francis's house! It was such a good time 
and a great lesson and we even played with their 1950's pinball 
machine. So that was pretty sweet. 

Thursday a lot of plans fell through, but we did have a lesson with 
Gilbert and he said he is 99% there about getting baptized but he is 
still hanging on to his Catholic background. So we have been really 
trying to help him out with that, but he did say that if he gets 
baptized and I happen to get transferred that "Elder Hill has to come 
back and do it. I don't care where he is and when he gets moved, you 
better go find him because he is the only one that can do it and those are 
my demands!" So that was super cool, I really hope that he gets 
baptized soon and it would be such a cool opportunity to be able to do 
Tyler, Elder Ellis & Gilbert

Friday we started the day out doing service for this less-active lady 
in our Ward. We went over to her place and we were taking plants out 
of pots for her. This lady is about 88 years old but she is pretty 
swift and also kinda crazy. She was taking a plant out of a pot and 
she says, "do you know what this is?....... It's cannabis! Like 
marijuana!" and she starts chuckling to herself. It definitely was 
marijuana cause we could smell it from a mile away. So I guess we 
helped a less-active lady move her weed farm. After that adventure, we 
went over to the Holgate Center and taught a couple lessons to
Sister Scott and Sister Pierce. Then, the most exciting part of the 
week!! We got a car for a few days! Long story short, an Elder in our 
district went home and so his companion is in a trio for a few days 
and we get their car. So that's nice to have a car since it has been 
raining all day every day! 

Sunday we went to six hours of church because we had to go to church 
with the missionary who's companion went home. President Ballard 
was speaking at his Ward so it was pretty cool to be able to go listen 
to him! After church we saw President Ballard driving on the road and 
we pulled up next to him at a red light and he waved at us. I was 
driving and Elder Giles and Elder Ellis were yelling at me to race 
him. So we pulled up in front and then he blew past us haha. It was 
pretty funny! 
Have a good week!

Elder Hill

Tyler's highlights this week!
*Transfers are this Saturday, but I'm 99% sure that I will stay here 
for another transfer. I will be in Moreland for six months! 
*I love this Ward and all the people here.  The Ward literally becomes 
your family out here.
 *It rains all day every day now :) 

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