Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Sketchy house = Chicken lady

Hello everyone! 

Thank you for all the emails and letters you send. I appreciate it a ton!

This week was pretty solid! Nothing too exciting happened Monday and Tuesday, but on Wednesday we had an exchange; Elder Garver came here with me. He has only been out two months and he is an awesome missionary. We went tracting out in the boonies and as we were knocking on this door, we looked to our right and a goat was poking it's head around the corner of the house looking at us! Then, three more poked their heads around and then they all ran up to us and were standing on the porch with us, It was hilarious. If the person would have answered the door there would have been two missionaries and four goats on their doorstep, but they didn't answer. 
 Tracting with goats ...
Later in the day, we got a call from a less-active member who has been really stressed out with some health problems. She asked if we could give her a healing blessing. Elder Garver anointed and I gave the blessing. After, she was crying and said that she had received a healing blessing a couple months ago and that I said some of the exact same words that were said in the previous blessing given to her by a different person (well I didn't say them the Lord did cause it's what He wants to say). That experience just strengthened my testimony even more of priesthood blessings and how they come from God, not us. 

Thursday, I was able to do a baptismal interview for an investigator in another ward and it was probably the best one I have been a part of, her testimony was awesome. She shared some experiences that led to her conversion, and then she said the closing prayer of the interview and it was incredible to hear her express so much gratitude to Heavenly Father for allowing the Gospel to come into her life. I felt as if I was able to catch a tiny glimpse of the Divine love God has for His children. 

Friday we had a mission-wide fast for finding new investigators. We had been consistently finding one new investigator per week which is not that good and then on Friday and Saturday we found four! We spent a lot of our time tracting and contacting potentials or formers and God just placed people in our path who were receptive and ready to learn, so hopefully things will progress with these people. 
Sketchy house where a "chicken lady" lives ...

Sunday we had FHE with a part member family and they have a nine-year-old girl that prepared a scavenger hunt for me and Elder Garfield. The loser had to get dressed up in a costume, take a picture and have it posted on Facebook. Well, I barely lost, and a lot of you know that I am pretty competitive so I wasn't too happy haha. But it was fun and I looked pretty snazzy in the costume haha. Elder Garfield even wanted to try on the costume cause it looked so good haha. It was a fun FHE!
Sunday night the missionaries all sung in a choir at a fireside so that was pretty fun, It was a good fireside!

Thanks for all the support!  Have a great week!

Elder Hill

Tyler's Hints & Highlights this Week!

* I am halfway through reading Jesus the Christ... The book is forever long, but it's good.

* The Church's new Easter video is out it is called #Hallelujah, go check it out!!

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