Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Service in the rain!

Hi everyone!

This week was good! It was the first week of the transfer so we were introducing Elder Merrell to everyone. Elder Merrell is a cool guy; he is from Pleasant Grove, Utah and he played baseball in high school so we get along super well and talk about sports all the time. He's a solid missionary!
Elder Merrell ...

There were some pretty intense rain storms so the snow and ice all finally started to melt this week. Tuesday night, we were out walking in a neighborhood to visit someone and we saw some people shoveling snow and ice out of their driveway and gutter because it started pouring rain and it was starting to flood up to their house. We went over and started helping them and we shoveled ice for a couple hours in the rain. Afterwards, we talked to them about what we do as missionaries and they thought it was awesome. We gave them a Book of Mormon, told them about it, and they said they would read it. So that was cool.

We had a few lessons throughout the week that went well but we are trying to find some new investigators now that Tuesday got baptized and that we had to drop some others. So we are just trying to talk to people on the streets and knocking doors. Tuesday is still doing great.  She is trying to get her kids to come to church and she just gets so excited about the gospel it's so awesome.

We had MLC (missionary leadership conference) again this week and we were playing a family feud game thing where 3 people go to the front and the APs ask a question and whoever grabs the marker that is in front of them first gets to answer the question and get a point for their team. All of the questions were about the handbook, missionary manuals and what not, except for when it was my turn haha. Our question was, "can you sing the mission song?" All three of us at the front backed away from the marker and were just like, " heck no" hahaha. My team was yelling at me to grab the marker and sing it so we would get points. So I finally did it and sang the mission song in front of all the mission leadership hahaha. It was awful, but super funny. 

Spiritual Thought:
In MLC, President Newsom was talking about how in life you can either be two things: you can be a hammer or you can be a nail. When you are the nail you get hit over and over by life and you just keep taking a beating. You have no control, but when you are the hammer you are the one who is doing the hitting. You have control of your life. You have goals, you make plans and you execute them. We can all control our lives, Heavenly Father has given us the agency and capability to do our best. There are some things we can't control, but we can control how we react and what we do with what we are given. With God nothing is impossible.

Hope everyone has a great week!! 

Elder Hill

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