Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Back to the Motherland!

Well I made it to Portland! It's actually pretty hot here, but not too bad. So my last week in the MTC was great! I learned so much in that 12 day span and it was awesome. We were able to see the broadcast of President Packer's funeral so that was cool. We had some awesome devotionals and there were some very spiritual moments. Elder Pugmire and I were teaching our investigator and we didn't know what to teach. Our teacher told us to pray individually and then study by ourselves and separate. So we did and after about 15 minutes of trying to find something to teach, I had a good feeling about teaching Joseph Smith History. I turned to Elder Pugmire and was about to say something when I noticed he was reading the same exact thing! So cool! There were some other awesome moments, but I don't have a lot time right now to email. I'm sorry for those I didn't get to email! I will next week I promise! 

Yesterday was the longest day of my life. Woke up at 2:30am and then took a bus, a train, and a plane and made it to Portland at 10am. We went to the temple and took pictures and then went to the stake center to get all of our information. We got our iPads which are super sweet and we get to keep them when we go home. Having an iPad to keep track of everything is so convenient and awesome. My companion is Elder Parker. He is nice and friendly and we get along pretty well. He loves to talk to EVERYONE so we have already met a lot of interesting people. We were assigned to the Moreland area. It's pretty ghetto. Our apartment is pretty ghetto too. One of the older Elders asked where we were going and we said Moreland and all he said was "don't get shot." Apparently there was a shooting here a week ago or something. But never the less, we will go out and spread the word. We don't have a car so we either have to bike or walk everywhere which isn't too fun, but it's okay. 

Our area was white-washed so we basically don't know anyone. We have three appointments today and we met with the bishop last night. We also tracted for a little bit yesterday and no one really wanted anything to do with us. My bike broke today so that was rough, but we must press on! 

Anyways, love and miss you all. If I didn't email you back I will soon! We only had like 20 minutes today to email. Pictures will come next week hopefully. 

Elder Hill

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