Friday, July 3, 2015

Elder Hill's First Letter from the MTC


Hey guys so it's day three here in the mtc and they are giving us a little time to write our families and write to our branch president here at the mtc. We met him last night and he is very spiritual and awesome. He read a scripture in Helaman 3:35 or 37 i cant remember but it talked about how we need to yield our hearts to God. So i have been praying that i will focus all my attention to the Lord and the gospel. We received our callings last night and gues what!! I am a Zone Leader!! I am so grateful and excited to be able to have a leadership position where i can be an example to other missionaries. I have to teach priesthood meeting and conduct sacrament meeting next week so that should be fun. Then on wednesday my companion, Elder Pugmire (the other zone leader), and I have to meet with a bunch of new missionaries and show them and teach them what to do. Which is funny because i hardly know what i am doing hahaha. But i am grateful none the less. Elder Pugmire is awesome. He is super nice and friendly and he likes cars haha. We get along very well, he forgot to packa toothbrush so he used his finger the first night hahahaha. All of the elders and sisters in my district are awesome. Elder Smith and Elder Mortensen are with us in our residence room and they are hilarious. The sisters are awesome, sister jones is one of the funniest people i have met. Our teachers sister killpack and sister boyce are super cool and sister killpack is literally the happiest person ever. She is never not smiling haha. My ditrict has this thing where we just burst out into song while we are studying or walking. Everyone is awesome and getting along. It is so exciting to get up and teach and learn everyday! I have learned so much in the past three days and i am excited to learn more!! My P day is on tuesday so i will email again then and i will have more time to email. I will also send a bunch of pictures! Love you guys. 

Elder Hill

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