Monday, September 14, 2015

Another week gone!

Hello everyone!

Another week gone! I can't believe how fast the weeks are going by!

On Monday we went to downtown Portland for Pday with some other missionaries and it was an experience. They have a bunch of nice stores and places to eat and it's a really neat place. As we were walking some guy yells out, "the Book of Mormon is a lie!!" We didn't see who said it but we just waved and kept walking haha. So many people were staring at us and giving us weird looks it was funny.

Tuesday we went to the temple with our district! It was an awesome experience and the temple here is so beautiful. The whole thing is basically made out of marble. After the temple, we had a lesson with Annette. When we got to her apartment her clothes were torn and stuff. We asked her what happened and she said she was just at a house down the street (she pointed to a house with two fire trucks and an ambulance in front of it), that had caught on fire and that she tried to save the older guy that lived there but she couldn't because it was too hot. By the time the fire department got there, the man had burned to death and a lot of the house was destroyed. It was so sad and terrible and she was shaken up a bit, but she said the lesson/study helped her.

Tyler at the Portland Oregon Temple

Tyler with his District at the Temple

In the evening, we went and played basketball with Gilbert at the Stake Center and afterwards we went to the Family History Center there. One of the consultants there is a convert (someone who became a member of the LDS Church) from our Ward and he shared his conversion story with us. Gilbert said it really made him think. Gilbert said, "the Catholics are still a little bit ahead but the Mormons are catching up! It's a close race!" Haha. We got a ride home with some other missionaries and there is one song that we listened to over and over and we all jammed out in the car to it haha.

Wednesday we did some proselyting on Facebook.  Usually every week we try to go on Facebook and share a short thought or add members and non-members in the area. If you ever see a post on Facebook from me feel free to like it, comment on it, and share it with others! After Facebook, we contacted in the park for a while and met some interesting people and then we had a lesson with Rowan. We made up this gospel Pictionary game where you pick a card and you have to draw whatever it says on the card and your teammate has to guess it. If they get it right there is a bonus question on the back that has to do with whatever they drew, and there are scripture references to go with it. It was pretty fun! She really liked it and Brother Roberts wanted to keep the game, but we told him we were going to use it with other people too! Gilbert then picked us up and he took us to dinner at some Southern restaurant that was super good. After dinner, we went and studied with him at his house. He asked the question about what makes our religion different if we believe in Christ? Elder Parker mentioned something and then I said, "the Priesthood," and I wish I could tell you what I said exactly but I have no idea, the Spirit kind of took over and just did Its thing and when I finished Gilbert said, "that's what I was waiting to hear. That made a lot of sense. Now why did it take you guys so long to tell me that!" Haha it was a really cool experience to just let the Spirit testify! We are breaking ground with him!

Thursday was uneventful. We just did weekly planning for most of the day (our coming week is gonna be solid). We met with the Daniels Family who have the parakeets and it was good.

Friday we did a lot of different finding activities trying to find new investigators and we also stopped by to visit a couple of less active members.  We got a few to commit to come to church so that was good. Nothing else too exciting happened except that we did meet some pretty cool people ... like a shirtless guy doing yoga on a baseball field!  He was super nice, but not interested. 

Saturday we were super busy. We helped the Chiniquy Family move out of their house. We were over there for three hours in the morning helping them move all their furniture into the moving truck. They're moving to Camas, Washington, and it was sad saying goodbye to them. We did some more finding on Saturday and we met this guy named Rick who was way cool. He just moved to Portland and said that he used to have missionaries as neighbors and they would hangout. So we talked to him for awhile. We talked about prayer and we taught him how to pray. We got his number and he wants to start meeting with us! We then went over to the Care Center. There are three Sisters from our Ward that just got out of the hospital so we went to go see all three. They were all so excited to see us! When we went to see Sister Scott we had to put on masks, scrubs, and gloves because her room was sanitized. We looked like doctors haha. It was great to meet with all of them.

Tyler and Elder Parker visiting Sister Scott at the Care Center

We went to Papa John's for dinner. When we walked in this guy at the register goes,"hey what's up guys how's the mission!?" We talked to him for a little bit and he ended up buying us a large pizza and he wasn't even a member of our Church! Such a cool guy. 

On Sunday our investigators, Rowan and David LaPlant came to church so that was exciting. Annette and Gilbert couldn't make it so that was a bummer. Sunday nothing too exciting happened. So overall it was a pretty good week, and hopefully next week will be even better!

Have a great week!

Elder Hill

Tyler's highlights this week!

*Thank you so much to everyone who sent packages, letters, and emails!! I really, really appreciate all of them! All of the love and support is awesome! It makes the days and weeks so much better when I hear from you all. So keep it coming!

*It was over 90 degrees here but they are saying that the rain is supposed to start coming.

*It's so cool to build such close relationships with the investigators and the members here in this area. I have met so many awesome people and become such good friends with them!

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