Monday, September 7, 2015


Hi everyone!

So here's the story that goes with the title ....

I had a very good working bike that we got a week and a half ago. On Wednesday we get a text from the Zone Leaders saying that the missionary needs his bike back (the one I had), but they were going to drop off another one. So Thursday they came and they took our bike, but they didn't have the other one so we were on foot for Thursday and Friday. On Saturday they bring a bike to us and within the first 10 minutes of riding it the chain falls off three times. On Sunday the chain completely snapped in half. I'M DONE WITH BIKES! There are five bikes in our apartment and only one of them works!! I'm going to get some rollerblades or something instead.

So despite more and more bike problems, we had another solid week and had a lot of lessons! A big part of this week was service!! Our ward is doing a community service project this coming weekend so throughout the entire week we were passing out flyers.  We went downtown and put them up in all of the store windows. It was a great way to meet people. 

Nothing else really too exciting happened this week, but there are a couple of things that were super fun. We had Family Home Evening (FHE) with the Tupou Family (super cool Tongan family) and they have a two-year-old named Zedekiah that loves taking pictures with me haha. Later in the week we watched 17 Miracles with a less active member, Brother Fergason, and he liked it! It's a super good movie, everyone should go watch it! 

Tyler with his friend Zedekiah!

On Saturday, we passed out more flyers then we went over to Brother McDonald's and helped him take out his washer and dryer and put in new ones. When we were finished, he went with us over to Gayle's house and we cleaned up her entire front yard and it took us like three hours! She was super happy and grateful so that was good! Saturday evening we went over to Annette's house and we had a super good lesson with her. She came to church last week and so we invited her again this week and she promised to come. We thought it would be great for her to come to testimony meeting and so we were super excited for her to come.

So on Sunday we were sitting in Church and we get 10 minutes into the meeting and she still isn't there! After 20 minutes, just before people were going to bear their testimonies, Annette walks in and she has her dog on a leash with her! It was kinda funny, but it was so awesome to see her there! She cried during testimony meeting (which is a good sign!) and she stayed for all three hours! It was so awesome! She's really progressing!  I almost cried during testimony meeting too. Brother McDonald (the guy we did service with and who always goes on splits with us) got up and said, "I would like to bear testimony of our missionaries. If you haven't gone out with these guys then you are missing out. They don't come any better than these two right here. They are special young men." Brother McDonald is the man! So grateful for him and all that he does! And his wife is like our mother! Sister McDonald will feed us any time, any day and it doesn't matter how many times she has fed us that week. There are so many awesome people in this ward!! I love everyone in it and I love this area!

Have a good week!

Elder Hill

Tyler's highlights this week!

* On Friday, we didn't have a bike and we had to walk to our appointment which was about two miles away and it started pouring on us.. Yay

* We saw some really sweet houseboats down by the river!

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