Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Ice Blocking the AZ Way!

Hi everyone!

Another week!! This is already the last week of the transfer, crazy! 

So this past week was a little slower and we had a lot of meetings. On Monday, we had Family Home Evening with our Ward and it was awesome. We went ice blocking! It's where you ride a block of ice down a grassy hill.  Everyone in AZ does it, but no one had ever heard of it in Oregon haha. It was so fun!  I love being in the YSA Ward cause people bring their non- member friends to the activities and we just get to have fun and talk to them! There are some pretty funny videos of us going down the hill! 
Throughout the whole week we had so many meetings to go to. We had a Zone Conference and our Zone joined the Beaverton Zone for training and stuff.  The Zone Leaders always have to give some kind of training at Zone Conferences so me and Elder Argyle were asked to train on teaching in unity with your companion. I have never been a very good public speaker; it's always been a weakness of mine, but the calling as Zone Leader has helped me get over that really fast haha cause we always have to do training in front of groups of missionaries and this one was in front of 50 missionaries and the mission presidency. It was pretty scary, but I'm getting used to it! Our training went well and everyone said it was good!:) 

This week was slower with lessons. but we did have a lesson with this less-active girl who hadn't been to church since she was a kid. She has gone through some hard things in her life, and we went over and shared a message with her and her siblings! After the lesson was over, we were outside walking to our car and she came running outside and said, "guys, how do you know God is actually there?" Elder argyle and I looked at each other and we both bore testimony on how we know that God is there. She was almost in tears and she said that she needs to go to church and she did! She came on Sunday! We have also started teaching this an investigator who got referred to us. His name is Ryan and he is awesome. He has the most sincere desire to know if the BoM is true and he wants to receive an answer. We are going to the temple visitor center with him this week! 

So our Ward just got so much bigger because BYUi just got out of spring semester and a lot kids are back for the summer. One of my friends from BYUi, Hannah Murphy, is in this Ward! It was so funny seeing her on Sunday cause she runs up and says, "Tyler!!.... I mean Elder Hill!" Haha It's fun to talk to all the people in the Ward about BYUi, it makes me miss it! 
Thanks for all of the emails and the support! Love and miss you all!! 

Have a great week!

Elder Hill

Scripture of the week: Philippians 4:13: "I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me." I know, with faith in Christ, there is nothing that we cannot overcome or accomplish. With His help we can endure anything!

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