Monday, September 12, 2016

It's all a trial of our faith ...

Hi everyone!

So this past week was the last week of the transfer and I am staying in the area!!! Elder Craft and I are staying together here in the YSA Ward! I'm so pumped to be here for another six weeks, I love this Ward!!
Tyler & Elder Craft with their different Districts
This week was a little slower - lots of meetings and stuff so nothing too exciting happened this week. On P-day last Monday, we went with some other Elders and Sisters and we hiked up to Pittock Mansion which is like a really old mansion in Portland. There was a really sweet view! 

Earlier in the week I received a package in the mail from some random guy named John Pennington (never heard of or met him before) and it was a pack of CDs and there was a note that said, "Dear Missionary, I hope these will help you with your teaching. Good luck." So we listened to them and they are basically just him talking about deep doctrine haha it was interesting. 

President Ballard's birthday was on Friday so Sister Ballard called us and wanted our Zone to come surprise him! So we got everyone together and we all went to President's house and sang to him and had cake. It was super fun! The Ballard's are the best. 
Yeah, nothing too crazy happened this week but we are working with a lot of investigators and having a lot of good lessons! Our investigators and members are the best! I have made so many good friends here in this Ward! 

This week I was reading the story of Job and it is one of my favorite stories! It's crazy to think about everything Job went through.  He lost his children, livestock, house, wealth, he was smitten with a terrible disease, and none of his friends wanted anything to do with him. And even after all this his faith in God never wavered. But even after He prayed to God asking for help, God didn't answer him as part of his test for Job. So after everything Job had gone through, God even stopped answering his prayers and the heavens were closed to him. And then Job says in Chapter 13:15, "though he slay me, yet will I trust in him"... Are you kidding me!? Even after God stopped talking to him, and he lost literally everything, Job still trusted God. Talk about faith. I know that if we can all have faith like Job did, then Heavenly Father will bless us 10 fold just like he did Job. It's all a trial of our faith. 

Have a good week! 

Elder Hill

 Tyler, Elder Craft & the Sisters raiding the church kitchen!
 Tyler & Elder Craft in their apartment ...
Tyler with his former companion, Elder Giles and Elder Giles new trainee

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