Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Airplane houses?

Hello everyone!!

Another week gone! I hit my 14 month mark this past week which is super weird. I have less than 10 months now so I'm getting into the single digits, what the heck...... 

The rain came back this week. It rained literally everyday haha. Looks like fall is almost here. 

So first off crazy story.. We got a call from the Elders out in Farmington which is out in the middle of nowhere, and they said that they had a YSA (young single adult) guy that they wanted us to teach. So we meet them at this guys house which was a 45 min drive out in the middle of the forest. The guy wasn't home and so they were like alright we will stop by someone else's place. So we follow them down the road and they pull off onto a tiny trail that lead into the forest. They then say that we have to walk the rest of the way up this hill into the forest where this guy apparently lived. So we start walking up this hill. We start getting closer and we see something through the trees and I was like, "that's a weird looking house." And then we keep getting closer and it turns out it isn't a house, but it is a huge freaking airplane! It is just this commercial airplane sitting in the middle of the forest! And the funny thing is that someone lives there! They had water and sewage pipes going up into the plane and they had steps that lead to the wing and you would walk on the wing to the door. It was crazy! The guy wasn't home that lived there, but we looked inside and all the seats were taken out and he had a nice little setup. It was so weird haha. It was like an episode of Lost or something!  There were airplane parts on the ground everywhere! So strange. 
This week we had some really sweet lessons! We met with this guy named Tyler for the first time and we were teaching him just on his porch and we taught him the Restoration. As we were teaching him, I quoted the First Vision and Tyler says, "dang I got the chills when you said that" and we were just like, "dude that's the Holy Ghost!" So he came to church that week and he is really interested in learning and coming back to church again! 

We had another classic Oregon lesson where we were teaching out in the rain. We met with Ben at the Beaverton transit center and we were teaching him the Plan of Salvation and it just started pouring rain. He said it didn't bother him so we sat on a bench in the rain and taught the Plan of Salvation.  It was a classic Oregon missionary experience haha.

We had another awesome lesson with our investigator Zach who is trying to make a lot of changes in his life and quit smoking. We had an amazing spiritual lesson with him and we asked him what we could do to help him overcome his addiction. He tossed me his lighter and cigarettes and told us to chuck 'em. It's amazing to see how God can help a person change their life so much to allow them to be so much happier. 

Another cool thing that happened was we gave a blessing to a recent convert. Elder Craft did the anointing and I did the blessing and after it was done he was like, "I could literally feel the pain leave my body as you were speaking Elder Hill. That was the craziest thing ever." So that was pretty cool. 

Hope you all have a great week!! Don't be afraid to send me a letter or somethin;) 

Elder Hill
P-day hike to Pittock Mansion in Portland

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