Monday, August 29, 2016

The orangutans were the best!

Hi everyone!

This week was crazy! On P-day we went to the zoo with the Sisters and one of our recent converts. It was super fun.  The orangutans were the best haha. 
This week we were so busy. We taught 30 lessons and found 8 new investigators! We met a lot of really interesting people. There was one person in particular that was really cool who had a crazy experience.... We met a guy who had a "death" experience where 5 years ago he overdosed, was in a coma in the hospital, and was "dead" for a short period of time. He had a dream during that time where an Angel walked him through his life and what he had done. He explained how he was like a "Spirit" and he was able to review his life with this angel speaking to him about it. He basically described the Spirit World and what he said lined up almost perfectly with the Plan of Salvation and what we teach. He said how through his experience that he believes God loves all of His children and none of us will be sent to "hell," but we will live in different levels of happiness. We were just like dude that's very similar to what we believe! And the thing that stood out to me the most that he said was, that as the Angel walked him through his life he said he didn't necessarily feel eternally damned for doing drugs or breaking the law of chastity. He said yes it definitely mattered because it made him unclean and he felt bad about it, but it didn't matter cause it already happened. He said the thing that pained him the most during that experience was when the Angel showed him the times that he made fun of people who believed in God and he tried to lead them away from that. He said that was by far the worst feeling he felt. The Angel asked him what he would do if he had a second chance, and then he woke up from his "coma". He said he knows that God exists and there is a heaven...... So then the next day during my studies I was studying Alma 36 about how Alma had a very similar experience. What I thought was interesting was that Alma never mentioned any very specific sin that he committed (he said he didn't keep the commandments as a whole).  The thing he was specific on was that he was "seeking to destroy the church of God" and also when he said "Yea, and I had murdered many of his children, or rather led them away unto destruction" other than this, Alma just gives a general overview that he didn't keep the commandments of God. I pondered that and thought how interesting that is, how both this man and Alma felt the worst knowing they "lead them away unto destruction". Definitely a testimony builder for me and how real the after life is. And also how important the things we do here in mortality are. 

Everything else is going great! We are trying to teach all of our investigators and get them baptized!.. The weather is super nice and we are just trying to get our Zone pumped up and working hard! 

Thanks for the support!

Love you all! 
Elder Hill
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