Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Are you an Eagle or a Hog?

Hi everyone!

So this week was pretty good! Elder Craft and I had to give a training at Zone Conference on Tuesday and we didn't find out what we were training on until Monday night and so we were up until midnight planning it out haha but it went pretty well... 

Nothing else super exciting happened this week. We had been teaching a guy named Everett and he is 20 years old. He has high functioning autism and so he is pretty normal, but can be very child-like sometimes. We were teaching him this week a couple times and every time we asked him a question and he answered it right he would start doing a slow clap. Then throughout our lessons he would just randomly bow his head and start praying. He told his mom that he was going to church and sadly she said that she wasn't comfortable with that and he had to stop meeting with us. So we were super bummed about that.

We have been teaching another guy named Ben for the past month. He had no religious background at all and had never prayed before.  We met with him again this week and he said that God has answered so many of his prayers this past week! It was pretty cool, and he wants to be baptized! So we are working on that with him. 

Spiritual Thought: During studies, I was reading a talk about character and how you know the character of a person by the activities they do in their free time or when no one is looking. The speaker used a comparison of an eagle and a hog:

"He said: Let us take the eagle, for example. This bird works as hard and as efficiently as any other animal or bird in doing its daily work. It provides for itself and its young by the sweat of its brow, so to speak; but when its daily work is over and the eagle has time of its own to do just as it pleases, note how it spends its recreational moments. It flies in the highest realms of heaven, spreads its wings and bathes in the upper air, for it loves the pure, clean atmosphere and the lofty heights. On the other hand, let us consider the hog. This animal grunts and grubs and provides for its young just as well as the eagle; but when its working hours are over and it has some recreational moments, observe where it goes and what it does. The hog will seek out the muddiest hole in the pasture and will roll and soak itself in filth, for this is the thing it loves. People can be either eagles or hogs in their leisure time." I thought that was really cool! I think we would all much rather live the eagle life than the hog life! 

Have a good week! 

Elder Hill
Tyler & Logan (he was baptized a couple of weeks ago and is now moving to South Carolina)

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