Tuesday, November 15, 2016

"I think I need a Bandaid!"

Hi everyone!

So this week was pretty crazy and good! I had to get three stitches and I went to a baptism!

So on Tuesday we had a Zone Conference (3 zones get together and have a training all day) and it was pretty fun. Elder Miller and I had to give a training to everyone on how to extend bold commitments, and it went really well! Even though we didn't have much time to prepare President Ballard said we crushed it๐Ÿ˜ƒ

Then on Wednesday I almost chopped my finger off haha. We were out chopping down some branches for a member and we needed to start a burn pile. So I start chopping the small pieces of wood into smaller pieces with a hatchet. Everything was going great, I was cruising along and then I wasn't paying attention and I came down on the wood with the hatchet, but my index finger was in the way. I cut the fingernail in half and it cut into my finger a little ways. It didn't hurt at first, I was just like "oh man that doesn't feel right", and then it started bleeding a lot and then I said, "uhhh I think I need a bandaid". Eventually that evening, I went and got stitches and so now everything is okay, besides my finger looking really gross.

On the bright side on Saturday I went to a baptism in the my last area, the YSA Ward! It was for a guy named Scott that I taught once and became friends with. He is so awesome and at his baptism he got up and bore his testimony. It was sweet. He is already so solid and will be such a great member of the church!... and then later that day we went to the Portland Temple Visitor Center with one of our investigators, her name is Tuesday Buffinger. She is the nicest lady ever and is killing it with the Book of Mormon. She's almost read the whole thing. So The Visitor Center sisters toured us around the temple and Tuesday loved it. She wants to be baptized on Christmas Eve! So we set her baptismal date for then. She was like, "I'm free next Saturday, let's do it then!"  But she has to come to church a few times so we had to push it back a little haha. She is doing great.
 Sister missionaries with Tuesday at the Portland Temple
 Selfie with the YSA missionaries!

Things have been crazy here in Portland. President Ballard banned us all from going downtown because of all the crazy protesters. It's pretty relaxed out in our area though, nothing too crazy going on. 

Hope you all have a good week! Being a missionary is awesome, I love being able to share the gospel!

Elder Hill

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