Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hi everyone!

Happy Thanksgiving!! Hope everyone ate a lot and got super fat.

For Thanksgiving in the morning, we went out and played in a Turkey Bowl with our less-active friend, Zack and some other people from the Ward. It was just dumping rain on us and it started hailing at one point, but we kept playing haha it was so fun. It was more of a mud bowl. Everyone was running and diving around in the mud, it was awesome. Later, we had our first dinner with the Nielsen family.  They have four younger kids and they are hilarious. It was fun! Then we went over to dinner with a Spanish family that had invited us over that week. It was a really cool experience. This family is from Puerto Rico and had only been in the USA for less than a year, so this was their first Thanksgiving. They wanted us to come over and have their first one with them. They live in a very small house and there was 10 people total. They didn't have a lot of food overall, but they did have a lot of rice, a small turkey, and some other sides and they were all so happy and excited! They got all dressed up and we were taking pictures and everything, it was really cool. 
We didn't have a lot of lessons because people were out of town, but we did have a really cool lesson with a girl who had been inactive for 10 years. She grew up a member, but became a hardcore drug addict and she was homeless for a long time. And then one day she just decided to call her dad and ask for his help. He drove six hours to pick her up and she started changing her life around. She now has a strong testimony and is an active member. It was cool to talk to her and see how she has changed.

We have still been working with RyLeigh and Tuesday and both are working towards baptism in December so hopefully that will workout!

I hit my 17 month mark this week! I'm starting to be one of the older missionaries now, so weird.... 

Spiritual Thought:
In Elders Quorum, they were talking about why we go through hard times and we started talking about how God is the perfect Pharmacist. He knows the exact healing balm that we need to become better. He has our trials and struggles perfectly calculated to what we need to become better. He has His divine strength and help calculated as well. He knows us perfectly and so He puts us in situations that allow us to live to our full potential, all while honoring our agency. 

Hope you all have a great week!

Elder Hill
Portland Temple

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