Tuesday, December 6, 2016

17 months down ... what???

Hello everyone!

So this past week I hit my 17 month mark which is so weird!  Me and a sister missionary and that came into the mission field at the same time I did, were talking at a district meeting and she said, "we are the oldest missionaries in the room right now." And I was like dang she's right, but yet I still feel like a greenie haha.

So this past week was pretty rad. It was transfer week and Elder Miller and I are staying together here in the Farmington Ward! We are both pretty excited and we are pumped to have a couple baptisms this transfer.
 Another visit to the airplane in the forest!
So I wanna first start with a crazy experience we had at Stake Conference this past weekend.... On Saturday night it was the Adult Session of Stake Conference, so there were about 300+ members there along with the stake presidency, the mission presidency, and Elder Robert Call who is a member of the Seventy. And missionaries could only go if they brought an investigator with them so we took our investigator, Tuesday with us! We were sitting there in the conference with Tuesday in about the 7th row and the conference is going great. There were some awesome talks given, and then Elder Call, who is the last speaker, gets up to give his talk. He starts talking for a little bit and then he says, "they had no idea that I was going to do this, but Elder Hill and Elder Miller come up here and join me." .... The look on our faces must've been priceless because me and Elder Miller looked at each other and we were just like oh crap. We had no idea that this was happening. We were both freaking out! So we go up there to the pulpit and Elder Call pulls us aside and he tells us to teach the first missionary lesson in five minutes to the congregation. And let me tell ya for the first 10 seconds looking out into the congregation of hundreds of people with your mission presidency, stake presidency, and a Seventy sitting right behind you, it was freakin scary!! But we just went for it, and the fear soon left as we got into teaching. I can tell you that if it wasn't for the Spirit leading and guiding our thoughts and words, then we would have sucked haha. But we taught the Restoration to everyone and we killed it!  After the conference, we went and introduced Tuesday to Elder Call and President Ballard and Elder Call said we did great! President and Sister Ballard said that they were very proud of us haha. It was a pretty cool experience. 
Elders with Pres. & Sister Ballard and Tuesday

On Thursday, Gilbert (investigator from my first area) drove to our area and took us out to Buffalo Wild Wings. It was sweet. He says he is still meeting with the missionaries haha and that he is STILL thinking about getting baptized. 

Things have been goin' good in our area! We are teaching a few people and should be having a couple baptisms this upcoming transfer! 

If you didn't know, the Church is doing a Christmas Initiative this year on how we can be more Christlike! So on Mormon.org they have 25 ways over 25 days to be more Christlike and there is something you can do everyday! I invite you all to go check it out and do the challenge and post it on social media!!

Have a great week! Love and miss you guys!

Elder Hill
 District meeting ...
Walking through the flooded park ... check out the bench! 

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