Monday, October 19, 2015

An Awesome and Terrible Week

Hi everyone!

This week was awesome and terrible at the same time. We had 18 lessons again!! Which is crazy!!.... but we also received some bad news on Tuesday. Gayle, our recent convert that we met with every week, passed away. It was really shocking and sad, but we know she is in a better place and is free from her sicknesses/ailments. She was baptized and did those necessary ordinances that  will allow her to live with our Father in Heaven again. 

Monday we had FHE with the Tupou family (cool Tongan family) and it was awesome.  We had a lesson and played a Gospel Pictionary game that we made up!

Tuesday we received the bad news about Gayle. We went and talked to the family to see if there is anything we could do for them. One of the daughters wants to start taking the lessons to know why the Church and Gospel made her mom so happy... We had a couple of investigator lessons and we met a lady at the park who said that she wanted to interview us and see what our opinion on "lost souls" was. She said it was going to be on a podcast in Canada haha it was pretty cool! After that we played basketball with the less actives and investigators in the area.

Wednesday we did some service work in Gayle's yard to help her family. We then had a couple less active lessons during the day and we had a really good lesson with Gilbert. He knew Gayle because he went over there with us to do service and some other things in the past month and he was pretty shocked and devastated to hear that she passed. We were able to talk about how she is in a better place and that because she was baptized she will be able to go to the Celestial Kingdom.

Thursday we started exchanges and Elder Roundy came here to Moreland with me.  We had a lot of different less active lessons that went really well!  On the way to a less active lesson, we were walking down the street in a neighborhood and on the sidewalk there was a little cabinet that said "free library" (pic below). There were a lot of different books in there and so we decided to take a couple of Books of Mormon and pamphlets and put a bunch in there with our numbers in all of them telling them to call us when they read it haha. Nothing yet but we are hoping!

Friday we met with Annette!! She dropped us a month ago, but recently she texted us saying that she wanted us to come over and that she missed us coming by. So we went over there and she said that she really wants us to come over often and that we were welcome anytime. So we were excited about that... And then we had dinner at a part member family's house and it went well.  We shared a Mormon Message that they really liked, but the coolest part is that they have a fountain drink machine in their house!! It was awesome. Go watch the Mormon Message, "Hope Ya Know, We Had a Hard Time," it's way good.

Saturday we had Gayle's funeral at our church building. She was the only member in her entire family. Eighty people were there and 68 of them were non-members.  We were able to talk to a lot of them about the Church and why Gayle had such strong faith in the Gospel. A couple of people said that they wanted to come to church, and some even came up to us and said, "your church has the nicest people we have ever met". It was a great service and I was able to give the closing prayer which meant a lot to me. Gilbert even came to the funeral and he got up and said some words and  he said, "she had such a strong testimony of the Mormon faith and that's how I know she is in a better place". Gilbert gave such a strong testimony it was awesome.... Gilbert took us and two other sets of missionaries out to lunch, he is such a great guy!  Saturday night we had a special Zone meeting where the whole Zone gathers together and the Zone Leaders plan an activity. It's really hard to explain, but it was one of the most spiritual experiences that I have ever had. Sorry for the lack of detail, but the activity made me step back and ask myself, "am I ready to meet my Father in Heaven? Would I be ready to stand before Him? Would I be willing to sacrifice my life for others around me?"  There were so many questions that made me step back and evaluate where I am right now in my life. Such a great experience.

Sunday we had the Primary (children 4-11 years old) Program at church and the place was packed! There were so many people it was weird! Nothing else too exciting happened; a lot preparation for this coming week.

Have a great week!

Elder Hill

Tyler's Highlights and Hints this Week!
* Find a scripture and ponderize (yes, that's now a word) it this week!

* Once again thank you for all the support with the emails, packages,
letters, and prayers

*Elder Giles is doing well! We are getting along and I think he is a
lot more comfortable than he was his first couple of days... His first
day here he asked me if it was okay if he took a shower!  He doesn't do
that anymore and has the hang of things so that's good! Haha. Training
has been fun, I have really been enjoying it!

*And finally, after two flat tires in a matter of 45 min., I went and bought a new bike!

Had to take a pic of this cool rainbow!

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