Tuesday, October 6, 2015

The Work Continues ....

Hi everyone!

Here's what happened this week!

Monday was an awesome day because we went to Taco Bell and this lady 
gave me a free meal because apparently they had extra so I got it for 
free! Blessings! We played basketball and hung out with the other 
missionaries and then we had dinner at the Schuman-Curtis's and their 
son Indigo, who is 14, is making us dart guns haha. Later we had FHE
at the Holgate Center and Brother McDonald needed us to go with him to 
give a sister a blessing. We thought he just wanted us to stand in but 
at the last second he goes, "Elder Parker will you anoint and a Elder 
Hill will you give the blessing?" (Usually we get a little bit of a 
notice) but we said yes and we gave the blessing and it was such an awesome 
spiritual experience. Giving blessings, especially blessings of 
healing, have been one of the biggest testimony builders for me and 
the coolest part was that it was recorded and given to me. 
Tuesday was busy! We had our monthly lunch with Bro Christiansen at 
Costco (hot dogs)! Members love Costco because every time we have gone there a 
member has been there and asked to pay for us haha. We had a couple 
lessons during the day and we played basketball in the evening with 
Gilbert and had a really good lesson with him. We were at the Stake 
Center and we went into the classroom and drew the Plan of Salvation 
on one of the chalk boards. Brother Bishop was with us and we had a 
really powerful, spiritual lesson. We knelt down in prayer and Gilbert 
said it. He asked Heavenly Father to help him to know if this was 
the Plan for him and if he should be baptized and it was such a cool 
experience. He said that he thinks he wants to get baptized! So 
Wednesday we had a lesson with Rowan and we drew the Armor of God 
which was fun. My drawing wasn't horrendous haha. Nothing too exciting 
happened on Wednesday, but we did a lot of tracting and finding and met 
some people. My iPad went down and it felt so weird not being able to 
use it. Our iPads are like our best friends since they have all of our 
scriptures, lesson plans, planner, and everything! We then did an 
exchange from Wednesday night to Thursday night. I stayed in Moreland 
and Elder Ellis came here with me. He has only been out 4 weeks so I 
was the senior companion and took the lead on everything, it was fun 
to lead on everything! 

Thursday Elder Ellis and I had two killer lessons. One with Gilbert 
and then we went with him to visit Gayle at her house and we had an awesome 
lesson on the atonement. Gilbert and Gayle both loved the lesson they 
said. Our second lesson we taught Carissa who is doing awesome. She 
attended a baptism on Sunday and she said she is super excited to get 
baptized now! It was cool being the "trainer" for the day, leading the 
lessons and teaching him tips on tracting. It was cool to see my own 
progress and improvement on being a missionary. 
Friday we did a lot of different finding activities and we met this 
guy on the street who said "fishing is my religion and I caught a 
salmon. You guys want some?" He pulls out a Ziploc bag of smoked 
salmon and he gave us a piece. It was so good haha. We continue to 
meet many different people every single day, it's the best! We had one 
lesson and did a lot of planning the rest of the day.

Saturday we were walking down the street in a neighborhood and started to 
cross the road, when we hear a police siren right behind us. It's a policeman 
on a motorcycle, and he pulls over next to us. We were freaking out 
thinking he was going to give us a ticket for jay walking or something, 
but he took off his glasses and said, "keep up the great work Elders," 
then he drove off.  It made our day! We had a couple lessons and 
then we were invited over to the McDonald's neighborhood party. The 
McDonald's are role model member missionaries. None of their neighbors 
are LDS and they introduced us to everyone there. A couple of them 
said we could come over! One of their neighbors is a professional 
chess player and he wants to play us in chess haha so that will be 
fun! We have become so close with the McDonalds, they are like the 
missionary parents! Haha 

On Sunday Jonas came to church! It was his first time and he said he 
enjoyed it! Brother Christiansen came up and said "you're not a 
member?... When are you getting baptized!?" Elder Parker and I just 
looked at each other and were like, "oh no," but Jonas said, "I don't know I'm not 
sure yet." We perked up and were like hey he's thinking about 
getting baptized! Hopefully this week we will have a lesson on 
baptism and can commit him! 
Have a great week!

Elder Hill

Tyler's highlights and hints this week!
*I love getting everyone's emails throughout the week! Keep 
sending them please! I really appreciate it!
*"The great sacrifice Christ made to pay for our sins and overcome 
death is called the Atonement. It is the most important event that has 
ever occurred in the history of mankind."
*I learned a lot this week about yielding our hearts to God and 
willing to submit ourselves to His will. It is only then can we reach 
our full potential and be instruments in His hands.
*General Conference is this week! I'm pumped!! Go and watch it everyone!! 

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