Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Christmas Season!

Hello everyone!

Can't believe it's almost Christmas! 

Monday for P-day we went to a lot of thrift stores and went shopping for Christmas stuff haha. We found some sweet Christmas ties and socks.

Tuesday we were able to go to the temple! I love going to the temple! There is an incredible Spirit you can feel, along with prayers and questions that can be answered!! Plus we took some cool pics. We had a couple of lessons in the evening with Caroline Scott and Rowan!

Wednesday we had a special Christmas Zone meeting with all the missionaries in the Zone. We talked about how we can increase our efforts and be effective during the holiday season. It was a great meeting! After the meeting, I went on an exchange with the Young Single Adult Ward companionship. I went with Elder Hanegan to their area and Elder Beamer came to Moreland with Elder Giles. Elder Hanegan and I taught two lessons to a girl who was recently baptized and a less-active member. It's so weird teaching people that are the same age as you compared to people who are usually way older. It's cool to be able to talk to the young single adult people and teach them because you can relate to them and talk to them about what they're doing in their lives. So that was fun, and I was with Elder Hanegan the rest of the day and in the morning until we changed back at 1 pm the next day!

Thursday we did a lot of tracting and finding so it wasn't too exciting and no one was really interested. Nothing too exciting to report on Thursday and Friday.

Saturday we had a Zone service project in the morning where we helped this lady redo her entire yard. It was fun working with all of the other missionaries and helping the people out with their yard. After that we went over to Rowan and Brother Roberts' house to play Parcheesi. It was the first time I have ever played and it was pretty fun! Then we had a nice Christmas lesson with them. Later, we went over to Gilbert's and we had the best lesson with him! We talked a lot about him and what's been going on and then he brought up baptism. He said that he believes everything, but just wants to know for sure. So we read Mosiah 18:8-10 in the Book of Mormon with him. He read it out loud and he started crying. The Spirit was so strong! He said that's pretty amazing, and we testified to him the blessings that will be poured out upon him when he takes the next step and commits. He then took us home and when I was getting out of the car he said, "Hey Elder Hill I need to tell you something. I'm going to become a Mormon, I'm gonna do it..... and you're the only one that can do it. I will not be baptized unless it is by you." He said he might be baptized on Christmas Day, but isn't sure yet. So keep praying for him! I have loved getting to know Gilbert and we have become such close friends, I am so thankful for him!

Sunday we had church, watched the Christmas devotional with the Francis's, and had a couple less-active lessons, but the day I wanted to talk about is yesterday!

So Monday we had Zone Conference with five different zones in the mission. Elder Arnold who is in the Presidency of the Seventy (and talked in general conference) came and gave us some training and counsel. In the morning we had a leadership meeting for the District Leaders, Zone Leaders, and Sister Training Leaders where Elder Arnold came and did some training. He made each person stand up and answer some questions he had about what we are doing in our areas. It was really nerve racking haha, but Elder Arnold is such an awesome guy who has one of the most powerful testimonies I have ever heard. He said, "just two days ago I was sitting face-to-face with the Prophet and I KNOW that he is a Prophet of God as sure as I know that I am standing before you right now." We had a meeting with the rest of the Zones for the rest of the day and he gave us some incredible and inspiring counsel.. But I swear I always get picked on for doing something at these meetings and this time it was to give the closing prayer. I was just trying to lay low! Haha, but it was a cool experience......... In the evening we had FHE at the Holgate Center and it went really well. After that we had a meeting with Rowan and Rowan's mom. So if you remember Rowan is Brother Roberts' (our Elder Quorums President) non-member daughter who we have been teaching for the past few months. Rowan's mom is not a member and she lives with her mom for most of the week. So we go over there and they basically said that Rowan does not want to go to church anymore and she doesn't want to be taught. So leave her alone..... Let's just say that put a damper on our day. In the past two weeks we have lost two of our main investigators with Annette and Rowan. We've been on our knees a lot recently looking for help.

Have a great week!

Elder Hill

Tyler's Hints & Highlights this Week! 

*"God already owns everything you have. He gave it to you. Your house, car, clothes, games, everything.. he owns it. The only thing He doesn't own is your will. That is the only thing you have to give to the Lord is your will. So give it to him." - Elder Arnold

*There are some sweet videos on LDS.org about Christmas so go check them out! I posted one on Facebook. Don't be afraid to comment or share it!

*Jeff, our cat, came back to visit us this week! We came home at 9:30pm on Saturday and he was sitting on our front step so we let him in to feed him and plan with him and then we let him back out hahaha.

*If there are any packages or cards you want to send, it's best to send them to my apartment now since it's too late to send them to the mission home. 

Elder Tyler Hill
1830 SE Linn St., Apt #5 
Portland, OR 97202

Thank you so very much for all the love and support. It means a lot to me!

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