Thursday, December 24, 2015

Merry Christmas!!!

Hi everyone!

This week was different than most weeks. It was full of service and Christmas events.

Tuesday we helped Sister Scott move from one apartment to another and we did that for most of the day. We also went with a lot of other missionaries to go caroling at a care center so that was fun.

Wednesday we were walking down the street and there was a homeless guy sitting on the fence and he started yelling at us to come over. So we go over there, and we started talking to him. His name was Hathaway and he began telling us a story of how he had a samurai sword fight in our church parking lot the other night, and how he carries his swords in his cello case. It was definitely interesting haha, but then he started asking us about why we don't smoke or drink and we taught him the Word of Wisdom and he said that's good advice so at least it ended well. Wednesday we also had a lesson with Gilbert, getting him ready for his baptismal interview Thursday. He was getting cold feet and said he wasn't sure if he wanted to do it, but we had a good lesson with him on baptism and he said he wanted to do it. 

Thursday we had a few lessons and did some more caroling with the Ward. If only I could actually sing haha. Gilbert had his interview in the evening and we went over right before he had it and we walked in and he said, "are you ready, cause I was born ready.".. and it went great!! Now he just has to pick a date to be baptized and he said he might want to do it on Christmas haha so that will be exciting.

Friday was the Mission Christmas party! It was awesome seeing friends from other Zones and from the MTC. Our Mission is very very small geographically so you get to know a lot of other missionaries and the entire Mission came to the party. There were musical numbers and skits that people put on, it was so much fun. In the evening we had dinner with Ron and Gloria Jean McDonald and they took us out to a really nice seafood place as a Christmas present. It was delicious and we got a huge dessert. I ate so much I could barely move, it was a Christmas miracle that I could walk. 

Cakes our recent convert, Carissa made for the Mission Christmas party!! 

Huge dessert served at the Mission party ...

Tyler's Zone at the party ...
Saturday we did a lot more service helping the Stake move some stuff from the nativity, and then we helped a family in our Ward move a bunch of furniture. It was nice to do service for different people. We had our Ward Christmas party in the evening! It was super fun talking and mingling with everyone, and there were a lot of non-members there too so that was good. I'm gonna miss this Ward, seeing as I will probably get transferred after this week. I have been here for six months and have made a lot of strong friendships, so it'll be hard saying goodbye.

Sunday we had dinner with the Francis'. I think they are my favorite family in the Ward ...them or the McDonald's! They had us over for dinner and they told us to stay to help them put up/decorate their tree and play pinball with them. It was a lot of fun! I'm gonna miss them! 

The Francis Family (Blair, Sis. Francis, Bro. Francis, Tyler, Ian and his wife)

Tyler & Sis. Gillette

Merry Christmas!! Thank you a bunch for the cards and packages!!

Elder Hill

Tyler's highlights this week!

*Transfers calls are this Saturday and I think I will be leaving:(

*I know I talk about the rain a lot, but they said that it might break the record for most consecutive days with rain. It's rained every single day this month. *I get to Skype the fam on Christmas!! So exciting!!!

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