Monday, April 4, 2016

General Conference, Ziplining & Hank

Hello from the wilderness of Oregon! 

So my first week in the Sandy River area was awesome! Our area is enormous and it takes about 2 hours to drive from the west border to the east border. We cover the town of Sandy and then everything to the east until Mt. Hood. The members here are awesome and they love missionaries! They are also very missionary minded and try to help us out. We have been teaching this girl named Jasmine who is 13 yrs old and she is getting baptized on Saturday! She is awesome and really wants to be baptized; her grandma is a recent convert. We have also been working with some others that could have baptismal dates soon so we will see. Once you leave the town of Sandy all the houses are basically out in the middle of nowhere and everyone has huge acres of land. 
This is a view from the edge of Sandy to Mt. Hood. We cover everything you can see in the picture or as Elder Wheeler says, "our area is everything the light touches!" haha
Tuesday we did a lot of service.  We helped a member do some yard work and then worked at the food bank in town. We also were able to go visit some people so I could get introduced. 

Wednesday we had a couple lessons and then in the evening the Ward was having a mutual activity about missionary work so we went and they asked us a bunch of questions about missionary life.  The youth here are awesome! 

Every Thursday we have a Book of Mormon class with anyone who wants to come so we did that and then in the evening we went on splits and I went with Bro. Shaffer. We went to go visit this family who used to take the lessons, but they hadn't been taking them recently and so we went to go see them and they want to start meeting with us again. So that was exciting. 

So apparently in the Mt. Hood Zone, missionaries like to pull pranks on each other ...  We were doing service with some of the Sisters in the Zone and Elder Wheeler wanted to prank them so we did haha.  Then, later that night when we got home, all of our bed sheets were in the freezer! They swear they didn't do it... So the prank wars are apparently starting. 

Saturday was General Conference! We watched the first two sessions at a member's house, the Stevens, and then the Priesthood session at the Stake Center. The Priesthood session was awesome!! I really liked Elders' Nelson and Uchtdorf's talks. There were so many things said that answered questions I had.

Sunday we went over to the Smiths to watch the morning session and they live out in the middle of nowhere. They have a zipline that goes across a giant pond in their front yard and so after the morning session we went to go ride the zipline haha. It was sweet. We watched the afternoon session with Jasmine and her grandma. Her grandma is hilarious!  She is a recent convert and says the funniest things. In the evening, we visited and contacted people. 
Have a great week!

Elder Hill

Tyler's Hints & Highlights this Week!
*Elder Ballard is coming to visit our Mission again this Saturday so that should be awesome. -

*Hopefully you all enjoyed conference! If you didn't see it, then you can watch it online!
This is Hank, one of our less actives enormous dogs. He is scared to go 
through doors so he walks through them backwards ...hahaha

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