Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Tracting in the boonies works, Elder Wheeler


So the transfer is already half over. It's crazy how fast the weeks are going by. This week was alright, it wasn't as good as last week, but it still went pretty good. 

I told Elder Wheeler that I am convinced tracting in the boonies works for finding people and so on one of the days we went out into the woods and started tracting the houses out there and it was the worst haha. No one was home or they weren't interested at all so Elder Wheeler didn't believe me that it worked, but then I suggested the next day to try one more time and we found two new investigators!  So it does work even out in the middle of the wilderness haha. We knocked on this one house and a younger guy answered and we started talking to him. We asked if he had any Mormon friends and he said no, but he has been wanting to learn more! Elder Wheeler and I were just like wait what? That never happens haha. We also get to take a lot of pictures with different animals out in the wilderness tracting haha. 

We had Zone Conference on Thursday which was good. I always love seeing missionaries from the other Zones that I haven't seen in forever. 

We did a lot of service this week too. We helped make a nature walk for the blind. Not sure how that works, but hey it was still fun to help out. 

On Sunday our investigator John, the one that wants to be baptized because he doesn't want to be damned, announced in Sunday School class to everyone that he is getting baptized. So that was pretty cool! 

Thanks for the emails and support!  Love and miss you guys!

Elder Hill

Spiritual Thought: "You and I may speak most eloquently of spiritual things. We may impress people with our keen intellectual interpretation of religious topics. We may rhapsodize about religion and “dream of [our] mansion above.” But if our faith does not change the way we live--if our beliefs do not influence our daily decisions--our religion is vain, and our faith, if not dead, is certainly not well and is in danger of eventually flatlining." -President Uchtdorf 

I like this quote from President Uchtdorf's talk in the last conference because it basically says that if we have faith in God and Jesus Christ then we need to act like it. Our actions need to be in accordance with our faith, because if they aren't then what is the point of having faith. If we believe in something and it doesn't change who we are and what we do, then what is the point of believing.

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