Monday, April 25, 2016

Sweet hike, sweet pics!

Hi everyone!

We just got done with a super sweet hike!! It was 7 miles there and back to a place called Ramona Falls. It was super cool and our whole Zone went. It was up the mountain so it was snowing too, but it was super fun. 
So this past week on Tuesday, we went to the other side of our area to a place called Government Camp. It's right next to Mt. Hood. It took us an hour to get there and we wanted to go find a potential investigator out there, but it was the wrong address haha. So we tried to talk to some people, but it's more of a tourist attraction town so no one was interested at all. We went into a gift shop and the cashier goes, "are you handing those out!?" She's pointing to the Book of Mormons in our hands. We were just like, "uhhh yeah, you want one??" She said yes and it turns out she grew up Mormon, but stopped going when she was 9 years old. We had a really good conversation with her! It's crazy the places that you will find people. 

So our Ward mission leader, Bro Smith, is the man. He is one of the coolest, but most spiritual people, out there. We had dinner at his house and we had a really good spiritual conversation and Bro. Smith was talking about some awesome stuff and bearing his testimony, and then at the end he was like, "you guys wanna go play some foosball?" So we went out and Elder Wheeler and I played foosball against him and his wife haha. 

Friday we had some really good lessons. We went to see a less-active guy named Scott and he had really been having a hard time with some things. After we talked about, I felt impressed to share with him a Mormon Message, "Hope Ya Know I Had a Hard Time" because it talks about a lot of the things he was going through. He started crying while watching it and said, "wow that was incredible, I really needed that." He was really glad that we came over to visit him. Then later we had a lesson in the evening with a couple investigators that we have been working with off and on. We knocked on their door and Josh, the person we were supposed to meet with was sleeping, but his girlfriend Katie wanted to talk for a little bit. So she comes outside and we are sitting on her porch and it is already sprinkling a little bit outside. We start talking to her and we asked about her faith in God and she just broke down and started crying and saying how if God is real then why do her family members keep dying? It was really sad. We told her about the Plan of Salvation and the purpose of life. While we are talking it starts to rain harder and harder, and it's just raining a ton and she's crying and it was just a crazy situation. We promised her that God is there, that He loves her and is watching over her and that she will see her loved ones again. We bore our testimonies and by the end of the lesson she said that she wanted to meet with us more. It was a cool experience! 
Thank you for all the emails and support!! I really appreciate it! Send me pics if you want! I love getting emails and pictures! 

Have a good week! 

Elder Hill
Replica of the gun that was used to shoot Joseph Smith 

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