Tuesday, May 3, 2016

10 Months!

Hello everyone!
So this past week I can't really remember much about what happened. 
Weeks are going by so fast they all seem to blur together.  But I did 
hit my 10 month mark so I am in the double digits! Crazy! Sometimes I 
feel like I just came out. 
This week had its up and downs. Our baptism that was supposed 
to happen this Saturday isn't going to happen anymore because he 
doesn't want to keep some of the standards, so that is a big bummer. 
We did set a baptismal date with this couple that we taught last 
week ... the lady that we taught in the rain! We set a date with her and 
her husband for the 28th of May so that was exciting. 
Something cool that happened this week was that we had an appointment 
fall through at like 8 in the evening and so we were out in the middle 
of nowhere trying to find a less-active and they weren't home. So we 
were like let's knock on all the houses on this street, maybe a miracle 
will happen (it was 8:30 at night and there were like 3 houses on this 
long road). So we walked to them and knocked them all and no one was 
home except for this last house. We knocked and a lady answered the door 
and she had just had a baby six days ago and she had three other kids as 
well. She said that they have been looking for a church to join and 
they want to learn more. So a miracle did happen!! It was pretty 
sweet. We are finding lots of people to teach we just need to get them 
to church. 
Things are still great out here in Mount Hood! The members are awesome 
and the weather is getting better!... And Mother's Day is coming up so I 
get to Skype home! 
Hope everyone has a good week!!  
Elder Hill 
 The Elders got to make a pen!

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