Tuesday, May 24, 2016

God Works in Mysterious Ways!

Hi everyone!

So there were a lot of really cool and interesting things that happened this week! So first off I wanted to talk about how God works in crazy ways. About six weeks ago, we were having dinner with the Graves Family here in the Sandy River Ward, and we asked if they wanted us to go visit anyone, and at first they said no, but then at the last second Sister Graves said, "wait, I think you should go visit this less-active lady" so we said, "okay sounds good." A couple days later we visited this lady and we ended up meeting her granddaughter, Trina, who lives there and she is a non-member. She is actually really interested and so we started teaching her and have been teaching her for the past few weeks! Then a couple weeks later, we asked if she needed help with any service and Trina said, "yes I have some friends over in Damascus that need some help in their yard" (the blackberry vines people). So we've gone over there a couple of times to help and this last time we went over there they kept asking us questions and we taught them the first lesson! They want to come to church and take the discussions now! Sadly we have to give them to the Sisters serving in Damascus cause that's their area, but I just thought how crazy it was how God works. We never would have even met these people we did service for if Sister Graves didn't feel prompted to tell us to visit that less-active lady.. So cool!! 

On Wednesday we were meeting with our investigator Martha again, she is the older lady who thinks the Book of Mormon is super fascinating. So we were over there and as we were teaching her about the Gospel of Jesus Christ there is a knock on her door. Martha gets up to go get it and there is this older lady there and we are thinking, "oh cool it's probably her sister and we can teach her too!", we were dead wrong haha.. So she lets this lady in and she pulls up a chair and she is just glaring at us. We were just like what the heck is this lady's problem. So we get up and introduce ourselves and all she says is, "so you're the Mormon boys huh?" And we just said "yeah! Do you have friends that are Mormon?" And she says, "no. I'm a witness." (As in Jehovah Witness)..... We were just like, you have got to be kidding me right now haha. We tried to make conversation with her, but she wasn't really feeling it. Apparently she was offended that we were meeting with Martha or something because she said that she has been meeting with Martha every Wednesday for forever. But that's okay haha, we wrapped up our lesson the best we could but it was awkward.  You could cut the tension with a knife haha. But Martha said she still wants to keep meeting with us so that's good! 

Saturday Elder Kirk and I were able to attend the baptism of Linda Conley in Canby! Elder Kirk served in Canby 2nd Ward for six months when he first started his mission and he taught Linda for a while, but then she stopped taking the lessons for almost a year because she felt too much pressure or something. When Elder Prestgard and I were in Canby 2nd, we finally started teaching her again! And she was finally baptized on Saturday. It was so awesome to be able to go and see that, she was so happy afterwards it was awesome:) 

 Linda Conley's baptism!

Tyler & Linda after her baptism!

Things have been going well here in the Sandy River Ward! We have been having a lot of success teaching people. Brother Smith (our Ward Mission Leader) was so excited in Ward Council on Sunday because he brought up how we are leading the Stake (10 Wards/branches) in teaching missionary discussions. So that was pretty cool to hear! 

Thanks for all of the emails! And keep sending pictures, I like those!! 

Hope you all have a great week! 

Elder Hill
Zone Meeting, Mt. Hood Stake 

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