Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Happy Memorial Day!

Hi everyone!

This week was interesting! Not a lot happened. It was a little slow with a lot of lessons cancelling and people being gone for the Memorial Day weekend. 

We had interesting thing happen on Tuesday.  We were driving down the highway and we saw one of our investigators sitting on the side of highway in the grass. He is a little different and has some mental illnesses. We were like what the heck lets go talk to him! So we pull over and we walk up to him and he just starts yelling and screaming and telling us to leave him alone, but we calmed him down.  He was ranting about how the government is violating his rights and that he is going to move to Canada. And then in the middle of his sentence he just stood up turned around and walked into the bushes behind him. Just literally walked straight into a bush ... it was so crazy!! We were like what the heck just happened??

A lot of people ask what is the hardest thing about being on a mission. There are so many different answers, but I think the main one is that the hardest thing is when you're teaching someone and they know that what you're sharing is true but they still don't want to be baptized or join the church. They say that they can feel that it is true and that they know the Book of Mormon is true but aren't willing to change their lives for it. It's so hard because you know how much it can bless their life and they just won't accept it... It reminds me of Lehi's dream when Lehi partakes of the fruit of the tree of life and the only thing he wants is for his family to do the same but they won't. Must've been frustrating for Lehi haha cause that has happened to us a couple times of times this transfer and it is the worst. But the area is still doing well and I love it in Mt. Hood! 

Thanks for all the love and support and for the emails! Happy Memorial Day!! We took some sweet pictures!! 

Elder Hill

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