Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween!


Happy Halloween!! So I have two weeks to catch up on. So much has happened.....

Well two weeks ago when I was in the YSA Ward still, we went to the temple with one of our investigators and it was awesome. He should be getting baptized soon!! And then a few days later one of the members in the Ward, Jordan Pregil, went on a mini-mission with Elder Craft and I. That's where he is basically a full- time missionary with us. He was with us for three days straight, 24/7 and slept at our apartment and everything. It was awesome. We are pretty good buddies so it was super fun and he said it was the best weekend he has ever had.  He has only been a member for 8 months!

At the Portland Temple with their investigator, Ben

Saturday, we got transfer calls! I was transferred to the Farmington Ward with Elder Miller! It's in the Beaverton Oregon West Zone and we are the Zone Leaders over that Zone now. This past week has been pretty sweet! Elder Miller is one of my good friends in the mission so we have been having a lot of fun! He is from SLC and he loves sports and the same stuff I do...... The area is huge, it reminds me of Canby. Half of the area is in the city and then it goes way out in the country. 

 Tyler & Elder Miller

 At the transfer meeting ...
Tyler & Sister Barney

This last week we were visiting a lot of members and getting to know them. We are trying to find things to do since we can't tract anymore. We have gone to a lot of parks and contacted people and have found a few people to teach that way. A cool experience we had was when we were at a park trying to talk to people and we were really struggling to find anyone who was remotely interested. So we sat down on a bench and prayed that someone would walk by our bench that would simply have a conversation with us. After our prayer ended, we started talking to the next guy who walked by and it turns out he was from Puerto Rico and was meeting with missionaries over there but he lost contact with them when he moved here to the states. He said he lost his Book of Mormon so we gave him one and got all his contact information and he wants to start taking the lessons again. It was sweet!

Everything else is going good! All the missionaries in our Zone are cool! We had a couple District meetings this past week so we got to know each other a little bit. I'm excited for this transfer! It should be fun. I hit my 16 month mark tomorrow which is crazy!

Tyler & Elder Miller on a random porch swing :)

Hope everyone has fun trick-or-treating. We are going downtown for P-day and Halloween!

Have a great week! 
Love you all!!

Elder Hill

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