Monday, October 10, 2016

"If you love Jesus, make some noise!!!"

Hey everyone!! 

So this past week was pretty interesting.... we had MLC (missionary leadership council) on Friday, and President Ballard has made the decision that we are no longer allowed to go tracting (door knocking) anymore. He wants to have us focus on the members and working with them because that is where all of our baptisms are coming from. Tracting is pretty ineffective in Portland, but now we can't do it at all anymore. So crazy! Everyone was freaking out cause that's what missionaries are known for is knocking doors. It will be interesting to see what happens! 

The reason for my heading... earlier this week we had a lesson with two girls that we had met, Leslie and Jenny. They are both super friendly and really outgoing, and they are both really involved in their church they go to. We had a pretty good lesson with them and we invited them to come to church with us on Sunday, and they said, "yeah maybe, but we have church on Sunday too! Do you wanna come with us?" So we made a deal that we would go to church with them if they came to church with us! So at 10am Sunday morning we roll up to the Calvary Christian Church in our full on suits and missionary attire haha. People were giving us funny looks, and we had multiple people ask us (in a nice way) "what are you guys doing here?" We would just tell them that Leslie and Jenny invited us!

The service was pretty interesting. They had a band and some singers and one of the guys on stage was like, "if you love Jesus make some noise!!" We love Jesus so we were yelling "yeeeaaaah!!!"... The first 30 minutes was the band playing some songs and the crowd singing along, and then the next thirty minutes was the pastor giving his sermon. It was pretty cool, he just taught out of the Bible. After the service we were mingling with all the members talking to them and stuff, and we actually ended up getting a lady's phone number that we could go do service for haha. As we were talking to the lady we could see the pastor behind her, staring us down. So we go over and start talking to the pastor! He was a nice guy but we could tell he wasn't too fond of us. Overall, it was an interesting and fun experience!!

We had six investigators at church! Leslie, Jenny, Ben, Nate, Joran, and Zach all came! We couldn't even keep track of all of them.  We were trying to introduce people to all of them. Ben and Nate are two interesting guys that we are starting to teach. They showed up to church in these long Chinese robes that have some symbols on them. The symbols mean "new beginnings" so they wore them since it was their first time at church. It was really interesting. Right before sacrament meeting was about to end they both got up and stood by the door and bowed toward the pulpit and then walked out, but then they came back for Sunday School so that was good!

Things are going great out here in Portland. It rained every single day last week..yippie.

Hope you are all doing great! Love and miss you guys!!

Elder Hill
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