Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Crunkin'-n-Dunkin' ...

Hello everyone!

This week was a bit slower than last week, but things are still pretty solid here in the Farmington Ward!

We had a Zone Meeting this week so Elder Merrell and I were in charge of putting the whole thing together and doing the training and whatnot. We were trying to think of an activity to get our Zone pumped ao we came up with this idea of the "Crunk n Dunk" (crunk meaning getting everyone excited). We got one of those Nerf ball mini basketball hoops, and we had each companionship write the name of an investigator they were going to dunk (or baptize) on the ball, and then have them dunk it. The companionship with the best dunk got a box of treats. The dunks were hilarious haha. The Zone liked it a lot and everyone was pumped!
Elder Merrell, Elder Rockwood, Tyler

On Wednesday we gave Tuesday, our recent convert, a blessing. It was us and some close friends of hers from the Ward that got together and had one last lesson with her. She is moving to Roseburg this week to her new job:( its super sad to see her leave, but I am so grateful for the experience I had to get to teach and become friends with her.

Friday, we went and visited a potential investigator way out in the country. We go knock on his door and this Hispanic lady answers it. She didn't speak any English, but she let us in. We went in and on the wall there was an enormous cross with Christ on it.  It almost took up the entire wall!  She sits us down on the couch and in walks her husband who spoke some English. He told us how he knew who we were and that he really likes missionaries. He was a hardcore Catholic, but we ended up teaching about the Book of Mormon and testifying of it and he said he wanted to read it. He was super grateful and gave us big hugs afterward. It was pretty cool.
Knocking on doors ...

The work is still moving along here. We had some setbacks, but it's all good. This is probably my last week in the Farmington Ward. Transfers are coming up this week so we will see what happens! 

Love and miss you guys!

Elder Hill

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