Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Someone DOES live in the airplane house in the forest!

Hey everyone!

So this week was another pretty solid one. 

On Tuesday Elder Argyle, he is one of the Assistants to the Mission President and one of my old companions, came out with us on an exchange. It was fun being with him again, he's one of my favorite companions. So on our exchange we went to go see the famous plane house in the forest. It was my fourth time going to see it and I had never met the guy that lives there, but this time there were stairs that had dropped down from the back of the plane. So we go up the stairs and knock on the door. The guy that lives there answers the door and his name is Bruce, and then right behind him there were two reporters from Oregon Public Broadcasting! Bruce lets us in and then the interviewers come up and start asking us questions. They were super excited to see us and they started firing questions at us about our mission, what we do, where we are from, cool experiences we had, and why we are on a mission. We were all able to bear testimony about Jesus Christ and how He has helped us and others. It was awesome!!
Tyler, Elders Argyle & Merrell finally meet the airplane owner ...

We then had a lesson with a girl named RyLeigh that we have been working with for a while. We went in there with the do or die mentality of we are either going to drop her as an investigator or set a baptism date with her. At the beginning of the lesson, it looked as if we were going to drop her because she just wasn't engaged, but thankfully the Holy Ghost was there and we just started asking her inspired questions that prompted her to think and the lesson completely turned around.  We ended up setting a baptismal date for March 17th and she was pumped! I'm grateful for the Spirit and how it can soften the heart of anyone.

On Wednesday, we went to the Calvary Chapel Church sermon to look for any service opportunities in the community. We went and listened to the sermon and jammed to the music for a little. Then we were chatting with some of the people after and one of the pastors comes up in a confrontational manner, "so, what are you guys doing here today?" We told him we were just looking for any service opportunities we could help out with. He wasn't really having it with us and basically told us to leave. But, we did get a ladies email who said she had some service things we could help with! So that was good.

On Saturday night, we went over to a family's house, the Normans, and made cookies with them to take to their neighbors. We went around and met a lot of different people and had some awesome visits.

The weather is starting to get better finally! Everything is going great here. I love serving and I know the gospel is true!

Elder Hill

 Tyler & Elder Miller with Pres. & Sister Ballard
Tyler with Elders Williams, Argyle, Peterson & Fleming

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