Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Welcome Amigo! I love you!

Hi everyone!

Transfers happened this week! I am getting transferred to the Canyon Road YSA Ward!! I am super pumped to go back to a Young Single Adult Ward! Prayers do get answered haha! But I am excited to go to this new Ward. It covers the entire Beaverton Stake, and I'm gonna be a ZL still with Elder Devries. We are buddies and he's a cool guy so it'll be awesome.

This week we met a lot of cool people as we were out contacting less-active members. We met a few that were wanting to come back to church so it was good to share a message with them and get them excited to go to church. 

Funny story.. On Thursday we went to a Catholic Church with an investigator we found last week. He invited us to a service that evening and so we went with him, but most of it was in Spanish so we couldn't understand hardly anything haha. At one point during the service the pastor asked, "who is here for the first time?" And so we raised our hands and one other Hispanic guy raised his hand. He told us to come up to the front of the chapel. So we walk up in front of this congregation of about 50 people and he says, "these are our brothers in Christ! Everyone is welcome here because we are all family! So let's welcome them!" Then everyone from the congregation stood up and formed a line down the middle aisle. Every single person proceeded to walk up to us and give us a hug and say, "Welcome amigo! I love you!" Haha it was so awesome!! And then the pastor gave us free t-shirts that say "Vida En Christo". It was quite the experience!

Over the weekend we did a lot of service. We went to do service for a family out in the boonies and they gave us machetes to go hack down some dead tree branches. As I was hacking at these branches, one of the branches ricocheted off the tree and came and smacked me in the face. So that is why there is a cut on  my forehead in the pictures haha. We also used an ax to cut down a couple trees. It was fun! We then went over to another family's house and helped them build a fence. It always feels good to serve others.
I am very grateful for all the experiences I had in the Farmington Ward. My testimony has grown a lot and I'm thankful for all of the awesome people I have met. I know that Jesus Christ lives and that His gospel is true. I am so thankful for the Savior and I am grateful for the opportunity to be in His service. 

Elder Hill
 Breakfast at Pres. Ballard's house.
 Bro. & Sis. Valencia (Ward Mission Leader)
 Dinner with the APs ...

 District meeting
 DLs, & STLs with Tyler and Elder Merrell ...

 Pres. Ballard, Elder Miller & Tyler at transfer meeting...
 Sister Gardner ...
ZLs & STLs meeting ...

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