Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Another Week Gone!

Hey everyone! 

This week I had my departing interview with President Ballard!  It is crazy to believe that this was the last interview I will ever have with President. It was awesome; I love President Ballard.  He has taught me so much.

Nothing really too exciting happened this week in our area. This week we were able to do a lot of service. We did service at a middle school for an art festival, at a Catholic Church providing meals for the homeless, and for some members chopping down trees. 

A cool little miracle happened on Wednesday. It was 8:40pm, and we were just about to go back to the apartment for the night, but we still hadn't found a new investigator that day, and we were really praying hard to find one. We decided to go to a park to see if there was anybody we could talk to. We got to the park and there was a few different people there. We went up and talked to the first three people and none of them wanted to talk to us at all. So we tried the last person who was sitting on a bench. It was a Chinese man and he had moved here three months ago and he had just started studying Christianity. We told him that we were Christians and started talking about the Book of Mormon. He was super interested! We got all of his contact info, gave him a BoM, and we are hopefully going to start teaching him! It was a cool miracle!

On Saturday Elder Ardern and Elder Blunck from the Seventy came and spoke to half of our mission (thankfully we were in that half) and it was so good! Elder Ardern is from New Zealand and has a cool accent, and he is such a good teacher. There was one thing he said that really stood out to me. He told all of us to stop taking notes and to look him in the eyes. He said, "listen to me right now. The road to the terrestrial kingdom is paved with complacency."  That hit me because it is so easy to become complacent. It's so easy to think that we're doing good and can take it easy, but God wants us to always be progressing, He wants us to always be working and becoming better. Don't ever be satisfied with where you are at.

On Sunday, we had dinner with the Guthrie family.  The dad, Jeremy Guthrie, played professional baseball! He played on the Kansas City Royals and he pitched in the World Series in 2014 and 2015. He showed me his World Series ring and let me take a picture with it! So sick!
Hope you all have a great week!! Love and miss you guys!

Elder Hill

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